Still Rolling, Still Napping, Still No Yoga-ing


It had rained all week last week. Then my phone just suddenly refused to charge. And I misplaced (lost? threw away? was sucked into the wormhole?) the receipt. It’s odd how the rain can affect your mood and how not having your mobile phone with you 24/7 can make you feel disconnected from the world, if not feel like you’re missing a limb. That’s a hyperbole, an exaggeration. (Or is it, really?) Surely, I can survive a couple of days without social media (except Twitter, of course) and not mentally and emotionally break down. After all, it’s not like I’m being asked to give up coffee. Or meet the parents of someone I’m dating for about two months. Or chew on nothing but (stinky) socks flavored Jelly Bean for the rest of my life. Yes, there are worse things than not being able to have social media at my fingertips. Life goes on without Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat. (Notice how I did not include Twitter. *tee-hee*) Yessir. Life goes on without those and so I spent the weekend napping half the day away. I honestly was thinking of going for an afternoon jog but oh wow would you look at that rain. There’s always yoga but I am not emotionally prepared for stretching my body to its limits, although I have always had a pretty flexible body. Plus, it was raining and the nearest yoga studio takes about half an hour away from our house. So no yoga, either. But there were naps and coffee and more naps. Good stuff. The grand old trinity of one’s weekend: Naps, caffeine, still more naps.

I did manage to accomplish some things over the weekend, though. And they were good things. Awesome things like:

  • re-reading “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King. This accomplished in making me remember what a great horror book that one is. (I wish I could say the same for “Revival.”)
  • visiting my father’s grave with my family, going to mass after that, and then eating out with my mom and sister. This accomplished the great reminder that life is what you make it. So grab it by the balls and just be… ballsy.
  • trying out UCC’s instant coffee. This accomplished in keeping me awake when I should’ve been sleeping. #zombiemode
  • finally outlining the second draft of my story. This accomplished weeding out the scenes that should fly out the window and scenes that I have yet to re-write or write anew.
  • creating new header graphics for the Facebook page and newsletter. This accomplished re-starting and re-wiring creative pulls and energy.
  • staying awake until past four AM on a Monday. This accomplished hearing the birds greet a new day, promptly reminding me that I should start sleeping or else I’ll be greeting the keyboard with my face while at work later.

See? Good things come from disconnecting from social media for most of the week and weekend. Although at this rate, my personal project of [bleep!] is getting slower by the second. However, I shall not be discouraged. Slow and steady wins the race but I was never good with races (nor was I ever interested in joining one because I am an underachiever like that), so screw that saying. Instead, let me rephrase that: My personal (passion?) project may be at a sluggish pace but obstacles and laziness be damned, I am going to continue with it. Forward, march!



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