Why I am Thinking of Quitting Facebook For Good


I rarely use Facebook nowadays. Recently, there was a time that I went without it for a little over a month. My dad had just died then and I wanted to shut out that piece of my world. I had just lost a man who was there my entire existence. While Facebook was both my source of entertainment (from memes to pop culture tidbits) and updates (current events and the latest from my friends), I realized that I could do without it. Plus, I did not want to see the inevitable flood of condolences and sorrys when they learn about the news of my father’s death. I wanted to grieve in private and silence. And so while in the backseat of a car at past two AM on April 11, 2016, I deactivated my Facebook account for a week. And then another week. And another. Until it passed the one month mark.

When I finally reactivated it and logged back in, I realized that for all its advantages, Facebook was something I could do without. And now I am back to thinking of leaving Facebook. This time, it won’t be a simple deactivation. This time, it will be deletion. There are other ways people who matter to me (and I to them ) can be reached. Surely, no one will miss me in their news feed. Truth be told — and I say this with some embarrassment — the only reason stopping me from deleting my Facebook account is this: My photos. I have a lot — A LOT — of them there. It’s going to be a huge job getting them all and placing them somewhere else. Just thinking of all those photos I have to download and then move to another storage is already making me reach that Ibuprofen in the fridge.

I don’t have to decide right now or anytime soon. But when it comes to my social media channels, Facebook is definitely something I can untangle myself from. If in case I do delete my account there for sure, you do know there is always Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Right? It’s not like I’ll be holing up in a cave and resigning myself to being a social media pariah. It’s just me breaking away from something I know I can do without.



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