On Being Single, Wearing Sexy Lingerie, and Some Birthday Thoughts


Isn’t there a danger that you’ll get so good at being single, so set in your ways, that you’ll miss out on the chance to be with somebody great?

I have been coming across articles about being single, ranging from humorous to serious to heartfelt. As I read more and more of those, there is one thought that tops all thoughts: Why is being single in your late 20s or 30s still being seen as something negative in this so-called modern day and age? Most people naturally assume:

  1. We want to settle down. Not just want but that we’re desperate to find someone el pronto because, you know, the clock is ticking.
  2. We must have an attitude or something because we have no one in our lives.
  3. We are sad, lonely people making up for what we lack by diving deeply into our career or bar trips during weekends / days off / holidays.

And I will only react this way to those assumptions:


Because no matter what I say or how I say it, I think most people have made up their minds about me being single. People will believe what they want to believe. I mean, why stress about finding The One? If he’s going to pop up in my life, he will. I’ll make the effort if / when he shows up. For now, I’ll just be here, living my life as I see fit, burping Coca Cola-flavored glitters and lounging in my ice blue glow-in-the-dark beanbag, book in one hand and coffee in the other. Next topic, please!


Someone once told me, in a perplexed tone, “Why do you keep buying all those sexy lingerie when no one will see you wearing them?” Girlfriend, I wear it for myself because didn’t you know? A pretty lingerie makes it all better. Truth.

During my teen-age and college years, I used to denounce anything lacy and frilly. Lace is itchy and too girly and really, really itchy. Or so I used to say. Oh, Anna. The words you eat the older you get. Lace in solid-colored lingerie? Winner! I am sure I’m not alone in the belief that a pretty lingerie can make one feel better. Some girls eat chocolates or drink wine to alleviate their sinking spirits. A couple of women play video games to boost their moods. Sometimes, I buy or grab some great looking lingerie when I need a quick pick-me-up. Also, there are times I’d joke to some friends that while I am not a girly girl, a set of pretty lingerie serves as a good reminder that hey, look! I am actually a female!


03. Ssshh… It’s my birthday and I’ll sleep if I want to.

My birthday is nearing and I swear I can see the numbers three and four glaring at me just right around the corner. Do I have birthday plans? Absolutely! Absolutely none. Except that I do know I’m going to overdose on sleep or pasta and pizza or both. Birthday wishes, however, are more specific. Friends who are reading this, gather round because this is your lucky day! Thinking of getting me a gift? Think no more! I have done that for you. See here:

I think that’s it for me. This weekend has been both lazy and crazy, both in dreams and in waking. I know I am a creature of habit but sometimes, even unicorns like me have the mad need to go out and socialize or just sink into a new scene. I hope you are all doing well and good, if not great and fabulous! Don’t forget to eat diamonds for breakfast and keep throwing your shine around. Good vibes, people! Good, happy vibes!



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