The Breath Before the Jump


Lots of things to do outside work, people. Lots. And guess what? Most of them are still percolating in my head. Only a lucky few managed to find themselves done and done. I don’t want to say what those things are just yet. I’m going at those really sloooowly. I am aware that I need to push myself more in order to have those tiny ripple effects to finally create an impact that’s more than the weight of a feather. But I’m lazy, okay? I’m so lazy that if you told me you’d pay me a lot to wake up early on a weekend just to jog, I’m going to tell you NO. But not before I tell you how insane that idea is. That’s how lazy I am, okay? So with that said, I would rather not say anything concrete just yet. But I think I can give you an idea of what I’m doing in the form of this mood board:


Make no mistake: These are not drastic changes. At least, I don’t think so. I just think I need to do these because I feel like I have been hiding my head under the sand far too long. Give or take about five years. I need to (finally) act (instead of usually just absorbing and reacting) in order to untangle myself from the things I don’t want to become.



* Credit to Niice for the cool moodboard.


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