I Thought I Heard You Whisper, “Trick or Treat!”

The ghosts are real

September is nearing and there are a couple of good reasons I am looking forward to it. August has been ranging from blah to okay to OH MY GAH! So it makes sense that I have high expectations for September to be kick-ass in every good way possible. I was going to set expectations on myself. You know, list some life goals and then actually go after it. But then again, I’m more of a slacker laid-back kind of person. So I am going to cross my fingers, wish on an imaginary shooting star, and chant something unintelligible while stirring some bits and bobs in a large cauldron, in the high hopes that September will be good to me.

You’d have to excuse my brevity in this post. I have a lot of things going on right now (mostly good things, yay!) but I thought now is the best time to throw in here some internet things. Halloween just came in early this corner of the internet, folks. Without further ado, let me give you these five internet links that will satisfy (if not spark) your love for all things scary / creepy. (Don’t forget to grab some coffee and your comfort food before clicking on those links! Enjoy!)

Japanese bathroom ghosts

If you thought bathrooms are already creepy enough, then you clearly need to read this. I, for one, would never play the Daruma-san game. Not even if I was offered a million dollars to play it.

The internet can be scary, too

Here is a Thought Catalog article compiling 24 creepy internet stories. Some of them will maybe give you fodder for your next story. Or maybe some of them will keep you up at night. Who knows until you read them, right?

Why are hotels such creepy places?

Hotels personally fascinate and creep me out at the same time. Like what Stephen King said when he wrote the short story “1408”, it’s because you never know who stayed there in that same room before you. Do you wonder… How many people used that bed to sleep at night and thought of ending their lives? How many people died there of unknown causes? Why is it suddenly so, SO cold in the bathroom? These 30 horrifying hotel stories will stoke that flame of fear, but it’ll be fun.

A really creepy horror podcast

I stumbled upon Lore by accident and I’m thrilled I did. Aaron Mahnke uses true-to-life stories and facts. It’s a chilling narration of horrific encounters and creepy, disturbing events.

Let’s go South!

South America, that is. Ever since reading “1408” by Stephen King, I thought that staying overnight on haunted places would be a cool thing to do for a living. But if the opportunity really presented itself, like staying in these so-called haunted places in South America, would I even dare take it?

Do you have horror stories / encounters of your own? Or perhaps something that scares the crap out of you? What’s the one thing that scares you — really scares you?


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