(Not So) New Love (Like?) and Brand-spanking New Things

Out of view no prying eyes

The long weekend pounces and I pounce back, followed by a bear hug. Because if long weekend was a person, I’d totally do that. I have no tricks up my sleeves for the three-day weekend, sad to say. No tricks but I will probably be sleeping when I shouldn’t and be wide awake when I should be sleeping.

I could’ve ignored this blog and set it to yet another radio silence mode but I need to share a few brief news with you. (Or updates, if you will.)

Sealed with a kiss

I know I have plugged this before but this newsletter, Sub Rosa, is finally going to fly off the imaginary bookshelf of Foxes & Fangs’s fictitious modern and bright office space in Ireland. (Nope, I have no office that I own, be it in Ireland or even Mt. Huashan or Atlantis.)


Less hate, more love

Not gonna lie: I received a comment this week (I think?) and it was full of hate, right from its first phrase. If this happened two, three years ago, I would’ve felt truly bad about it. Probably shed a paper cup full of tears (just your standard, cheap plastic cup). But now? At this point in my life?


Horror, horror, and more horror

I went on a sampling craze of horror books in Kindle. See? I prepare for long weekends like the horror fan that I claim to be. Here’s a list of the samples I have downloaded:

  1. Ghost Story by Peter Straub
  2. The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins
  3. The Elementals by Michael McDowell
  4. A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay
  5. Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay
  6. Lovecraft County by Matt Ruff

Wow. I didn’t realize until I typed it down that I downloaded six samples. You know what they say: Six is an evil number, especially when tripled. (You need to watch the original movie version of “The Omen” because that movie kind of scarred me and ruined the number six for me. I mean, if my life depended on choosing between the numbers six and thirteen? I’d choose the latter over and over again.)


An Instagram challenge

Um… So I kind of got overexcited when I cajoled my friends to participate in a not-so-original Instagram challenge that I thought of doing (out of sheer boredom; the kind that a sleep-deprived person would made). I am not going to talk about the challenge here. I think I’d rather let the photos speak for themselves. We’re supposed to upload them by Monday next week. Until then… stay tuned!


A maybe sorta kinda love like

How odd (and okay, it struck me as funny) is it that I found something I can currently relate to from a horror movie? In it, the psychiatrist said that the subconscious makes us remember things we’d rather forget when we’re awake. Translated: There is no escaping the subconscious, no matter how much you try to deny things. And since he’s been popping up here and there even though I really, really don’t think (much) of him anymore, he makes surprise appearances in my dreamland. If it’s not him, it’s my dad. And that’s okay. I actually (mostly) like those dreams.


And that’s it for me. Hope you get a happy, wonderful, lovely, and the kind of all-things-pretty weekend!



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