And Yet Another Wave of Radio Silence


Okay. So after talking about the main characters in my story and raving about horror, well… Here I am, telling you up-front that I will be taking a brief (or not so brief; it really depends on how you look at things) hiatus in here and my Facebook account. There is no earth-shattering reason for this. I just think that I merely need to stop spending so much time online and instead focus on my life away from the internet. Another major reason is that I have reached a point (finally!) wherein I have seriously considered getting a giraffe. Kidding. I am kidding. I’m going to stick with keeping the mythical pet giraffe exactly that: mythical.

Joking aside, I have committed myself to Briarcliff Mental Institution actually finishing the editing of my story mentioned here and its second book, mentioned here. There are no plans of submitting it for a query yet. My self doubt and insecurity are larger than the hope and courage it takes to submit it. Right now, I just want to go back to the days when writing was as vital to me as breathing. Sadly, I have let it slide for far too long. Sure, I write a couple of hundreds of words at times but gone were those days when I would eagerly sit down and write every single day, where I am in that odd yet thrilling zone of letting my thoughts freely escape their way to the paper. Really feeling the thrill and frustration and satisfaction (or not) when I write, tuning out the rest of the world. (Yes, I use pen and paper 90%. I am a throwback like that.)

But it’s not just because of writing that I am taking this hiatus.

*Puts on a sober face and hits pause on The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” playing on Spotify*

Folks, there are two other things as well. Namely:

1. I really, really need to go on net surfing diet.

Seriously. I have been spending way too much time in the internet. I might as well camp out in it. I mean, sure I have been doing this for years. But… BUT the frightening thing is that I have been losing more and more time, especially in Facebook. FACEBOOK. That’s really awful for me, folks. You see things in Facebook that you cannot unsee. Sometimes, you also click like on posts and photos you shouldn’t have clicked because they were there 894365289 weeks ago.

2. There’s this space in my personal life that I need to throw myself into.

DevotingΒ  time and energy and undivided attention to the people I love. I would like to have coffee or eat somewhere and just talk to him / her / them without me checking my phone every couple of minutes. I want connections to be personal again.

With that said, I am pretty sure I’ll be blogging again soon. I just wanted to give you readers a heads up, as I do not want you to think that IΒ  just suddenly abandoned my blog. The only time I will do that is if either Charlie Puth or Andrew Taggart asks — nay, begs — me to elope with him. (But even then, you may rest assured that I will blog again once we are done with the honeymoon which will probably involve castles, ghost hunting, and lots of vodka and strawberry covered chocolates.) Until my next post, dear readers. But before I take my leave, here are some links to make you not miss me too much:

That’s it for me. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do while I’m gone. πŸ˜‰



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