Three Fictional Characters


I was a little late to hop on to the #threefictionalcharacters meme, which I saw in Twitter. Truth be told, it took me one weekend and three workdays to finally pull together the three fictional characters who I can relate to the best. Surprisingly, I didn’t add someone from any book. I think it’s because my mind couldn’t just make up on any one character. I thought of going for Tris in the “Divergent” trilogy but then again… We-ell! I might just be overestimating myself a bit there. (Haha.) So I scrapped that. Instead, I ended up with these three and I think they were good choices.

Olive Penderghast, “Easy A”


This character was played by Emma Stone and the movie was fun to watch. What I can relate to the most was this: One misunderstood statement. The rapid spread of gossip. Then there’s the reputation she earned because of that. (Said reputation was actually far from who she is.)

Mike Wheeler, “Stranger Things”


I wanted to be Eleven. I really did but I think it was Mike’s brand of friendship that made me relate. He didn’t give up on Will, even though everyone told him otherwise. He welcomed Eleven and extended real friendship. Mike Wheeler is a true friend who would do anything if you’re in his gang. (Let’s not forget how he welcomed Eleven in his group of buddies, in spite of her being all kinds of odd. Dear friends, some of you are my very own Eleven.)

Dean Winchester, “Supernatural”


I love how Dean plays the bad boy part but is actually a big softie when it comes to family (which extends those beyond blood or kin, as the show has made sure to imply). He would sacrifice his own self (and on more than one occasion, his life) for family and those he loves. Plus, he loves burgers, too. But yes, family trumps everything else.

And that wraps up today’s post. Tangent: NaNoWriMo is nearing and to be honest, I am not sure if I am going to participate this year. But this is something I am still mulling over.

Oh! I finally managed to get a copy of “The Exorcist” from the recent book fair. It was… tragic and creepy. Now every time I’m going to hear some thudding or banging noises in the middle of the night, I know I will envelope my tiny body with the blanket and never sleep a wink again. But yes, do read it if you want some good horror book. I really should reacquaint myself with the movie version. I have poor memory of that one, since I was still a kid when I watched it. (Ha! The age is showing!)

Until my next post, folks. The weekend is nearing and I hope everyone gets an awesome October! (I can’t believe October starts this Saturday! Where did the time go?!)


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