An Open Letter to Those Strangers Sending Me Facebook Friend Requests


Dear Becky,

Hola! I am quite confused as to why you (and a number of other females) have sent me friend requests, since we do not know each other. At all. The one thing we do have in common is a friend, who happens to be male. I think I might know where this is going…

I have the feeling I know why. Actually, my crystal ball AND mythical pet giraffe know why: It’s because of our mutual friend, isn’t it? Oh dear… What has he done now? (I’m kidding. Relax.) Listen, I understand that the internet has made it easier for our stalking tendencies to come out and play. I mean, what better way to know someone than through hours and hours of scrolling through his Facebook timeline or Twitter feed or Instagram photos. Amiright? But hear me out: There is no need to add me or any other female friends of his. I don’t know what your prerequisites were when you sent the friend request, but I am both perplexed and intrigued as to what made you include me in your list of “strangers I will send requests to.” Was it my harmless photo that screamed “girl next door!” and therefore radiated vibes of the “You can approach me and tell me anything. I will not turn you away.” variety? Or did my friend (our mutual friend), in his drunken stupor, mention something and my name rhymed with whatever it is he said? (He said “banana”, didn’t he?) Either way… IΒ  have absolutely nothing of value to offer you, if the reason behind the request is my friend. Aside from the fact that all I can tell you is that he is awesome and weird, but that’s because all of my friends are awesome and weird. They’re all hand-picked!

From one lady to another: Why not talk to him directly? Forget about going through his Facebook account. Scrap the social media if you really want to get to know him or know something about him. And please consider this, too: My side. While it’s amusing to receive a friend request or two or five or twelve because of my guy friend, it can get a bit too much at times. I mean, it’s my account I’m baring to you. My photos, my moments in life, and also: Do you really want your feed to be bombarded by the memes I frequently share there in Facebook? Think about it. I may provide entertainment value but I know my posts are not what you’re after, if we’re to be raw and honest here. So…

Becky, do stop sending me requests.Β  And tell your friends to do the same. I am not going to approve it. I have had history with females in Facebook, ones I either do not know at all or know little about, and I got sucked into their drama. Those messages sent… *shudder* I hope you’re now able to see my side regarding this topic.

And to all those other females who keep sending me friend requests for the same reason:



With that said, let’s all have a happy weekend. Okay? The kind that comes with smiles and laughter and maybe Pumpkin Spice Lattes. (Ha!) Have fun and milk the weekend for all it’s worth, folks.


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