Are you choosing? Or are you running?


Books to read. New coffee places to sit in and savor both flavors and ambience. The typhoon has finally left. DNCE’s “Body Moves” currently playing on repeat during my commute going to and from work. Thinking of staying and leaving and then going back to staying. Only to think again about leaving. Ah, such is life. With all the hoo-has wrapping themselves all over me, it’s a wonder I am still sane. And so foishgiut lsafowu kjdnsf —

I’m kidding. πŸ˜€


I am blaming this green tea obsession on the week prior to my period. But whoa, was I craving for it every single day. I was even willing to walk from our house all the way to 7-Eleven to grab a bottle of green tea latte one early morning on a weekend. Early morning. A WEEKEND, when I am known to notoriously sleep in. I’ve been drinking green tea in the mornings since then. Next thing you know, I’m drinking kale.

As for beauty / lifestyle: I recommend this beauty vlogger and this Instagram account.


I have finished reading an e-book called “The Ghost Files” by Apryl Baker. It was good. I really liked it because it set the tone for good horror. Mattie, our not-so-fearless but very determined, heroine can see dead people. She’s sixteen and has been seeing ghosts ever since she was a kid. She never really tried to communicate with them, though. That is, until she saw the ghost of Sally, her foster sister, during the middle of a party: Blindfolded, looking beaten and with a bullet hole in the head. Mattie may have the tough kid exterior (and a smart mouth to go with it), but she has good intentions. And so she sets out to solve the mystery of Sally’s death… Starting by talking to one little ghost girl in her bathroom back at her house. Things take a series of intriguing and scary twists and turns from there. Case in point: She gets introduced to a really scary “mirror boy” who managed to physically hurt her. She also gets to work with a resourceful and good-looking (rookie) cop who, even though she already has a boyfriend (popular school jock), she feels surprisingly comfortable with right from the start. The more Mattie uncovers the killer’s tracks, the more exposed to danger she is, both from the sinister “mirror boy” ghost and the killer himself. The book’s climax was gripping and intense.

I’d have to admit: The last few chapters got me hooked. I couldn’t put the book down. If you love horror that has ghosts and human killers in it, you might want to check out “The Ghost Files” here. It’s a three-book series and I think I’ll go ahead and purchase books two and three. Yeah, it’s that good. I really love it. (Disclaimer: This review was made based solely on my opinion. No offer was made. I found the book through Betty Book Freak website. And I’m glad I did.)


I find happiness in the little things, and that includes corny jokes. I kid you not: One witty line can result to me laughing so hard you’d think I was on drugs. That being said, I have been pondering and dabbling on various things. Nothing huge, mind you. Other people fill their time (and perhaps the gaps in their lives, those lonely spaces we do not speak of) by pursuing a master’s degree or learning a new recipe or drinking away the weekends. I fill my time by coming up with little life projects. Things that seem small but when they all add up, I know the value they’ll contribute in my life, in myself will be priceless. And so off I go chasing after those small wins. Best part: I managed to loop in one of my bestfriends to join me in this personal campaign. Now I got her thinking of things and ways to achieve those small wins. Ha!


It has been a couple of months since I stumbled upon this horror podcast called “Lore.” It’s been one of my favorites ever since. It’s the perfect mix of disturbing stories that are factual. Aaron Mahnke does the narration so well, too. It’s really easy to get hooked on this podcast. And well worth bingeing on.

I guess that’s it for now. Life has been an odd mix of crazy and funny, odd and ironic. I’ll try to blog more in the coming days. I have a line-up of new books to be read, which are perfect for Halloween. Stay tuned for that! I bid you all a good, positive week ahead, dear reader!



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