The News and Other News


The News

It’s the loooong weekend this side of the world! Yay!! The weekend’s forecast hints of Smirnoff Mule, junk food, and lots of bonding with a friend I haven’t seen for what feels like forever. Another part of the weekend is all about reading, staying in the house, and sleeping in. And next workweek means only two days of me working. That means I get another loooong weekend after this weekend. *tee-hee!* And what will I be up to during the next long weekend? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. (Or so says Gossip Girl. *wink!*.)


The Other News

For those who also write: Have you ever looked at a story you’re working on? And that story is nearly done, but then when you’re about to write the ending, you pull back. Dissatisfaction, self-doubt, and fear rear their ugly heads all at the same time and they ROAR at you. And you begin thinking, “Maybe I should just change the whole thing.” And you don’t even remember why you thought the plot, the conflict were ever good enough to begin with. THAT is what I have been going through the past months (yes, months) and it’s been torture. It feels like I can never pick up a pen and write another story. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I feel ideas percolating. And fossils for a new story (horror, of course) have been popping up here and there. Now if only I could remember to write them down when they do…


Out and About

No plans of any trip so far. The one planned won’t happen yet until early next year. And I am so excited for that one! For now, I only wander at malls. *pause* Also the nearest 7-Eleven at my place, because they sell those bottled green tea latte that I have been recently obsessing about. And if they happen to have their chocolate and caramel cake slices, too, then I am in heaven.


Aside: Advice on Heartbreak

It happens to us at some point: You meet a guy, you two hit it off, things seem to go well, and then things start to not go well. And before you know it, it’s over. And you begin to backtrack. You begin to think what went wrong, what you did wrong, what made him change towards you. Maybe you’ll cry for a night or two. But then you begin to think this is how it’s been like with other guys. And this is not how you should deal with it. So you keep your stiff upper lip. You gather your strength and courage and hold on to them for all it’s worth. Then you start to move on, taking it one day at a time. Because simply rushing it to forget him will just mean going back to square one in the end. To quote Neil Gaiman on getting over a heartbreak:

“What’s important is not to become the wound. Not to spend your life and your time and your attention on the hurt and the heartbreak. Take it and make art with it, instead, or use it to push yourself forward, into things, not away from them.”


And that’s it for me. Remember: Fate loves the fearless!

Have a happy weekend, folks! And Happy Halloween, too! I hope you get a deliciously thrilling and spine-tingling weekend!



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