Reading Room: “Before You Sleep” by Adam LG Nevill


Here’s to hoping that your Halloween was creepy and thrilling. That it was awesome, both with treats and tricks. Also, that you aren’t nursing a very bad hangover. *tee-hee!* Speaking of creepy… Folks! I just discovered an awesome horror writer, Adam Nevill. I’d have to admit, very few writers have gotten me this hooked. Hooked in the sense that I just had to eagerly, ecstatically consume his stories as fast as I can, eating and sleeping be damned. Yes, his horror stories are that great. “Before You Sleep” is a compilation of three short stories. Each one has different tones in story-telling: horrifying, disturbing, and odd. These are the three stories:

“Where Angels Come In”

Two boys find themselves entering an empty mansion on a hill, out of curiosity. Soon enough, they find themselves inside the huge, hideous place where creepy creatures not only lurk but chase after them. Hungry, eager to nibble and consume. As the two children run past the hallway, doors begin opening and more creatures seem to trail after them. What creatures? Think of an old lady, hunched over and walking sideways. Think of a man with legs like sticks, seeming to stare right back at you as you stealthily (or so you’d like to think)Β  make your way up the stairs. Oh, and also? They have no eyes, no lips. But do they hear you? Oh yes, you bet they can. But the more important question is: Can you escape them?

“The Ancestors”

Children have imaginary friends. It’s that one universal belief that adults agree on when they find their kids talking to someone (something) they couldn’t see. This is one of those stories, only made more horrifying. Told from the perspective of a child, “The Ancestors” talks about Maho, the invisible friend who wraps the child with her black hair as she snuggles up and falls asleep. This story unfolds slowly but with the hushed kind of creepiness. There is mention of the toys, who also come alive. Things take on a sinister turn when the child’s father sees one of the toys. Sees it where it shouldn’t be. Sees it in a way that he shouldn’t have. The father, completely shaken, has taken a turn for the worse in terms of health. The ending to this story felt like someone had pricked me with needles or pins — small ones, held by toys things I could not see — in different places, but all sharp nonetheless. Sharp and hurtful. And leaves you feeling vulnerable.


The last story tells Frank’s tale of moving in a house. He started off with not liking the furniture and planned to refurbish parts of his new place. He even had his bestfriend promise to help him out in carrying that tiresome task. Until the house seemed to consume him. It was all about his feelings and emotions at first, making him feel attached to the house (especially the kitchen). Suddenly, he didn’t want to change anything about it anymore. Stepping outside, even for an errand as mundane as running to the nearby store, seemed too tiresome. Frank also began to wonder and think and feel about how most people don’t really care about him. And then there were the dreams, odd and… heavy. I found this story sad and haunting. I imagined Frank and the things he was experiencing in the house. I imagined that very same thing happening to a neighbor of mine and I thought, “Yeah. That is a horror story. Sad, heavy. And that’s exactly why it’s creepy.”

I have really enjoyed reading “Before You Sleep.” I cannot say this enough: If you’re a horror fan, you have to read it. It’s well worth your time. Plus, it’s free in Kindle! Yay! With all the horror books out there, it’s a bit of a challenge for me to find ones that I truly like (if not love). You know how when you read the first few paragraphs in a book and you feel an instant connection, that flash of recognition of something that you know hits that sweet spot in your soul? That’s how I felt when I started reading that book.

I know my blog has been pretty messy lately. Did it drive you mad yet? Haha. I know they say it’s wise to stick with a niche when it comes to blogging but… I don’t know. I don’t think niche blogging is for me. I have tried and but a part of me wasn’t in on it a hundred percent. For now, please bear with me as I bounce from one topic to another, be it about books or dating or life in general. If you have any suggestions or ideas, you are most welcome to air them out in the comments section below. Thanks. πŸ˜€

Aside: I have decided not to join NaNoWriMo this year, but I do wish all participants the best of luck! Go forth and furiously, religiously write 1,600+ words each day. Don’t forget your coffee (or tea, if you’re a tea person). Fall in love with writing each day, in spite of the madness and frustration. Throw your words out there and have fun with your novels. ❀


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