The Four Horror Podcasts I Highly Recommend


Keep stoking the social media fire… or don’t. I am currently listening to this Nerdist episode. I really like Anna Kendrick’s sense of humor. (Thank you, Marcus, for the recommendation!) I swear I started out with the good intention of talking right away about the four podcasts I am absolutely in love with. But then thoughts and ideas and coffee happened. And before I knew it, I had one swirling mess of thoughts. Had to calm those ideas down so I can sort out the ones I wanted to talk about. (Aside: I kept typing down lines from the aforementioned Nerdist podcast, just because they held an appeal to me. Does that happen to you? There are just times when I absolutely have to write down or type up something I heard. There’s an odd satisfaction in seeing them written down.)

Back to the usual program: Podcasts alert! Podcasts alert!


I am not a podcast person in the sense that I really don’t listen to it everyday but… BUT these four podcasts are the exceptions to that rule. If you’ve been a regular reader here in Foxes & Fangs (or you know me offline and you’ve been stalking this blog), you’d know that I am a horror fan. And there is nothing more thrilling than stumbling upon a horror material that actually suits your taste. I have been catching up on missed episodes, right before I fall asleep. Do I get nightmares? Some rare times. Do I get odd dreams? Half the time, yes. But I wouldn’t classify them as oddly terrifying.

Someone once asked me if I don’t get scared listening to something unsettling. I say as long as I am able to wake up in the middle of the night and not (yet) terrified of taking that bathroom trip on my own, then my answer is no, I don’t get scared. So I think you’d be fine listening to any (or all!) of these four horror podcasts, whether you’re in the middle of a chore or, like me, about to drift off to dreamland.

Welcome to Night Vale

This is the podcast is not completely horror, but I have been listening to for the longest time. (Keep in mind I am not a podcast person, so let’s take the term “for the longest time” very lightly.) The thing that made me love Welcome to Night Vale is how strange and eerie everything is. Nothing is ever normal there. No, you’re not supposed to believe that angels exist. (But all angels are called Erika.) And the pawnshop is managed by Jackie, who is forever nineteen, if memory servers right. Now before you pawn a stuff, like a bunch of plastic flamingos you suddenly find in your backyard, you need to wash your hands and then chant something. There’s a ritual in pawning, okay? Like I said, this podcast, which is narrated by Cecil Palmer, is anything but normal and ordinary. I don’t know about you but while WTNV is enthralling and entertaining, I wouldn’t want to live there. I wouldn’t even set foot there. The glow clouds alone and the library (library!) are enough to make me run for the opposite direction.


This is my second favorite. This podcast tells chilling tales based on events that happened in real life. Some examples are the stories of H.H. Holmes, Marie Laveau, and Madame (Delphine) LaLaurie. Lore is narrated by Aaron Mahnke and he does it so well. Plus, his materials seem well researched. There is never an episode that I don’t learn a thing or two (or more) from. If you like your horror with a dose of facts, you’d also like Lore podcast.

Friends of the Void

I have only started listening to this podcast. Within the first few minutes of listening, I was hooked. Friends of the Void tells about the (mis)adventures of Elliot, who finds himself trapped in a lighthouse, where an unknown entity is prowling outside the door. He’s sending out messages and recording what’s happening to him. Each episode gets more terrifying and intriguing. The storytelling of this podcast started out so innocently, too. The strange twists and turns keep me on my toes but they haven’t kept me up all night just yet.

No Sleep

I spend a lot of time on Reddit, usually in the No Sleep subreddit. I really lost hours of my life there. When you enter that subreddit, you need to suspend all disbelief. Immerse yourself in the OP’s story and get swept away with those creepy (if not strange) occurrences. When I stumbled upon its podcast counterpart and listened to their handpicked tales, I was THRILLED. As I listened to David Cummings narrate each story, I can imagine what was happening. It wasn’t hard to get lost in the stories. One of the most memorable episodes I listened to was about a call center agent who kept getting a call from a strange and crazy (and otherworldly) woman. “The Rosie Hour” was really one of the most disconcerting episodes I have listened to.

And there you have it. I know Halloween is long over but the spooky stuff isn’t. It’s never over. If you have recommendations on horror books or podcasts or anything horror, please let me know. I’d love to hear about them.

I hope you all get a pretty damn good work week, folks!



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