Starting Fresh (Kind of…)


You might have noticed I tweaked the blog post image. I got rid of the marker type font and re-arranged the text in it. That’s just one of the few things I am working on for Foxes & Fangs. And it’s not just the aesthetics. I plan on doing some changes in terms of the content as well. Don’t get me wrong. The topics such as horror, books, writing, and life in general will stay. And the tone of my writing won’t change, either. I just realized that my blog seems to be everywhere and not the good kind of everywhere. It’s the messy, directionless kind. I just want to tighten my content and make everything — from the look and feel of the blog right down to the posts — more cohesive. I think this cleaning up has been long overdue.

And speaking of cleaning up, my blog isn’t the only one that needs it…

2016 has been about changes. Major ones. The kind that alter your life forever. I didn’t think I’d be this strong and soft at the same time. I’m still not sure I completely like the person staring back at me when I look at the mirror. There are still days when I wished for the 2008 or even 1999 version of me. Life’s problems back then consisted of the fear of getting called for class recitations or those dreaded Math exams or the feeling of never getting over a heartbreak. And I thought life was falling apart at that time. Ha!

Christmas songs are being played everywhere. And it’s hard to ignore the colorful lights strewn all across the cities. While I look forward to the holidays, a part of me never fails to stop chewing its bottom lip over the thought of, “What if 2017 will be worse than 2016?” That’s my cue to shut that part of myself up, mentally putting a duct tape over it. And then proceeding to the usual program of seeing rainbows and sparkles that life DOES contain. In short: I choose to see and acknowledge and be thankful for the good in every day. I don’t want to be the dark and dour lady that no one would want to be friends with, much less breathe the same air with. Haha!

I get it. Life is tougher now and I can’t keep holding on to childish ideals and illogical standards. I may not navigate life the way a 34 year-old should, as I would’ve been married by now. I don’t know which direction my life is taking or where it’s going, but if there is anything 2016 (and someone) have taught me so far, it is this: Change is inevitable and thinking I could dodge it is stupid. I can’t keep myself safely anchored to where I have always been if I wanted great things to happen to my life. Be bold, have courage, and take risks.



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