Some things gotta change; others gotta go


Hello, folks! πŸ˜€ I hope you all had a weekend that was either fun or exciting and thatΒ  you didn’t get all exhausted because, you know, it’s the holidays. December is nearing, can you believe it? It’s that time of the year again, when parties abound and you need to give your liver a memo about how it’s going to be a tough month ahead.

Christmas is nearing and the ornaments and twinkling lights strewn across the city are proof to that. And let’s not forget — let’s never, ever forget — the Christmas songs being played on malls. My office is just a hop and a skip away from one and it’s really hard not to get sucked into the holiday spirit. I don’t want to not get sucked into it, toΒ  be honest. I have always liked the holiday season. Sidenote: The aforementioned mall now uses mint-scented cleaners for their restrooms and I love it. I could stay in the restroom for hours just sniffing that cleaner.

So much has changed and I feel like that alone should propel me to bust my ass and make explosive changes in my life. Ugh. Just thinking about preparing documents and stuff is already making me feel EXHAUSTED. I just want to spend December unwinding, eating, and finally getting my tenuous toehold back to my life’s usual programming. Anyone else feeling the same way? (Please say yes. I don’t want to sound insane over here. Please say yes.)

I know I haven’t been actively posting here lately. Sorry… There are a couple of personal things that need some time offline. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting a lot more the coming days, but I’ll still be checking my Twitter and Instagram. Same goes for my emails.

BUT this blog post is not just one big blathering. Just when you thought you wasted several minutes reading this drivel, I present to you some awesome Instagram accounts. They are (mostly) filled with thought-provoking captions that will make you feel. Enjoy!

i sing a lot for someone who can't sing

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"To love is the most artistic thing in the world." – Vincent van Gogh

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how you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you

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