The Continual Countless Ramblings


It has been a very busy weekend. WOW. Anyone else out there who gets tired around November just by thinking of all the occasions and events he / she has to go to come December? *nods head* Yeah, I knew I wasn’t alone on that one. AND anyone else out there who is also very excited about the things the holidays bring? You know, the surprises and non-surprises (and you still get surprised when they happen, anyway). *nods head* Yeah, I knew we’d get along well.

I. Courage is not just a cowardly dog. Not anymore.

Last Thursday, I found myself falling in line at a convenience store. I was dead set on buying a box of condoms as a gift for our Secret Santa.The theme was “naughty” and I have been running dry on any creative inspiration lately, so a box of condoms it is. (I promised myself I’ll make up for it next time.) So there I was, standing, apprehensive and extremely self-conscious. And when it was my turn, I chickened out. I glanced at the cashier, glanced at the stack of condoms piled on the other side of the counter, back at the cashier, then to the guy behind me, and back at the cashier again. After that, I could only give a wave of my hand, flustered and all courage dashed away in an instant. I hastily told the cashier no, I won’t be buying anything anymore. Then I stumbled got out of that convenience store. No doubt the cashier and the guy behind me thought, “Man, that’s one weird cookie.” Except I’m not a cookie. I think I’m more of a yogurt. (The mixed berries kind.) But then one can’t very well say, “Dude, that’s one weird yogurt.”


II. The whirlwind weekend that was

The weekend was tiring. Quite tiring. But OH SO WORTH IT. Nothing but fun and love over the weekend, in spite of feeling under the weather for days.


III. This and that (sshh…)

I have been catching up on reading. When I get home from work, I always find the time to read. It’s a really great way to unwind and just get lost in a plot or a world. Aside from that, I have been working on something. Admittedly, I spent more time on the planning. *tee-hee!* But. BUT some of them are finally going to happen. They’re nothing life-altering. It’s not going to make me rich or famous. How do I describe those? Hmm… There are just some internal issues this year that I need to address. And finally, I am getting there. Slowly, but surely.


IV. Horror movie for Christmas

A co-worker recommended this movie. When I first saw the trailer, that was it. No hesitations, noΒ  second-guessing, no nothing. First few seconds within the trailer and I knew I was going to watch this. It’s a local film but the trailer has a sub-title so we’re all good.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t believe we are so, SO close to Christmas! Not to mention 2017. I hope you have all done your Christmas shopping, and if you haven’t yet: Best of luck in riding along the delirious waves of the holiday rush. πŸ˜‰ Stay sane, keep warm, have some coffee (or tea or softdrink or Red Bull), and keep that giddy smile on. It looks good on you. See you all next time! (Or on Twitter or Instagram if you want to follow me.)



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