Almost there. Left, right, left.


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! I’m still alive, you guys! Either busy or lazy, but still alive. There is nothing like having a series of epiphanies to shake you up in varying levels and intensity. So, where to start? Aha! I know. Let me start with Facebook. I know that I will return to using it sooner or later, but not now. I haven’t been using it for a couple of days and I find that at this point, I don’t miss it. At all. Lesser noise and distractions for me. I frequent Instagram and Twitter, though. Feel free to follow me there. And while I do love to read, I don’t post about books as much as I know I should. It’s got more of a lifestyle / personal feel to it. Also? I tend to spout sporadic nonsense in Twitter. Sometimes amusing, sometimes you’d be better off not reading but there is that: It’s randomness at its finest. I excel in randomness, people. If it was a college course, I’d have graduated on top of the entire class. Heck, I’d have graduated on top of the entire human race who took up Randomness as their course. Randomness majoring in Procrastination. Yep, sounds just about the perfect match for me. And not to brag or anything, but here’s a list to showcase my mind-blowing practice on randomness:

I got a long list of Starbucks lovers…


It’s that time of the year when Starbucks whips up my all-time favorite drink: Peppermint Mocha. They could keep making that each Christmas season and I’ll be eighty-eight and I’d still buy that drink. I love it that much. So much so that I order it even though it upsets my tummy. If that’s not true love, then I don’t know what is.

* Fun fact: That gif is definitely NOT Peppermint Mocha.

Not your usual bazaar


I am on the last story of Stephen King’s “Bazaar of Bad Dreams.” I love, love, LOVE that book. I included that book in my Secret Santa wishlist and it’s a good thing I did. If you love horror and gravitate toward the strange and odd and creepy, I suggest you pick up a copy of the book and start reading it IMMEDIATELY. Preferably while sipping coffee and munching on some Cheetos or gobbling a slice or two of a really chocolatey, caramel-y cake.

2016: Not the best year


I am all set for the first two months of 2017, armed with resolutions and determination like never before. There is no greater heartbreak than losing someone you love to death. And there is no greater life lesson there, too. It changes your perspectives in life and love and people. It shifts your priorities, making you examine the quality of your life. It sobers you up and then some.

The weekend that should be


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! *some screaming and running around* Two things are for sure: I will be eating A LOT (and then regret it on the days to come because my jeans won’t fit me anymore and then I’ll blame it on the jeans like, yeah it probably shrank when inside the washing machine). Also, I will be hitting one of my favorite bookstores, which has four or five floors. Enough to keep me entertained and lost for hours, promptly falling into a book coma upon exit. Also? There’s Starbucks inside it. Books and coffee! Oh, be still, my beating heart.

Oh, Charlie, our Charlie


Well I get the thrill run down my spine
When I see you hitting me up
Feeling so electrified
With the heat of a million suns
You know just one touch can keep me high
And I think I’ll never come down
‘Til a couple days go by
And you’re nowhere to be found

I have been listening to Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind album and I am absolutely in love with it. The songs there are a mix of everything, evoking various emotions. The songs are just really beautiful, both lyrics and melody. My favorites are “Up All Night” and “Left Right Left.” If you want something fun yet does not overlook belting out songs about heartbreak or getting over your ex or being in love, then I highly, HIGHLY recommend this album. Charlie Puth is an extremely talented musician and his vocals here is just… beautiful.

I’m not sure but my crystal ball says it’s highly likely that I won’t be posting here until next week. I wish  you all a very happy holidays! πŸ˜€



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