And every story ends but we can still pretend


Don’t be fooled by the heading (sub-title) below, ladies and gentlemen. This week’s list includes randomness yet again because have you not heard? I am a master at spewing random things. They just pop out of my mouth before I can even stop myself. Sometimes, I even argue with my own self when I find that I have diverted from my original train of thought. That’s how bad ass I am at being random. Well, it’s just a few days until New Year’s Eve. That means you’ve got time to read my erratic list below, yes? Because it makes absolute sense: You’ve got time. And what better way to kill time than to read a (what could be a) psychopath’s account regarding his “girlfriend”? Also, what’s your take on selfies? What about your resolutions for 2017? All right, I’ll shut up now. Here goes the heart of this post:

A (questionable) love story that can go so wrong in so many ways: Not recognizing the fact that you were never dating to begin with.


Mad props to Marcus for giving me a link to read for me to kill some time! And read it I did, although I haven’t read all of the comments / recommendations. BUT as with the internet world, I found myself getting lost in links. I click on a link and BAM! I land on an internet place that’s either horrifying and frustrating (virus!) or interesting. Sometimes, it’s just blah. This time, though, the page I managed to find myself in was interesting.

I have yet to finish reading the Denko story and the more I read, the more it gets creepy. The OP (a male) has been in love with a classmate of his, Denko. Madly, hopelessly, desperately in love. And when Denko gives him a bit of attention (and by “a bit” I mean really, really tiny bit), he blows it out of proportion. He thinks she’s into him, too. And when she doesn’t respond to his efforts after that, he sends her 600 emails in three days. Six hundred emails. *pause* In three days. What the ever loving f**k? I can’t even… Trust me, folks. This Denko story is really something to read, if only to while away the time and peek inside the mind of a mentally unstable man. And there’s his reasoning! Every time Denko rejects him nicely, in his mind it’s just her playing hard to get. It’s creepy in the sense that you know there ARE people out there who’s just like that. *shudder*

How’s your selfie game going? (Mine is weak. Very weak, thanks.)


When the selfies first started popping up here and there, I found it both irritating and confusing. Fast forward to years later and I have to admit: People who are able to take good selfies have admirable self-confidence. Fun fact: Kim Kardashian was able to take 6,000 selfies in four days. Again: What the ever loving f**k? But here, read this amusing article about Rebecca Farley’s attempt to do the same. (Or at the very least, come close to that 6,000 selfies.)

While I toss between being okay with myself and not caring about how I look, I was never good in taking selfies. Too self-conscious most of the time. (My Instagram account is proof to that, I kid you not.) I couldn’t even sum up the energy to start taking one. I personally watched someone take selfie after selfie after selfie, and simply watching her was already making me feel SO. TIRED. At the very best, my selfies are mostly all thanks to Snapchat’s amusing filters. But I have been pondering on that very same idea: Could I try taking numerous selfies in a day, every day, for about a month? More so: Dare I even try? Oh, but my poor Instagram followers! While I never promised snapshots of books (because I love to read) or works in progress (because I do love to write), it’s one thing to throw in their faces my very own face. Can you imagine the nightmares that could possible ensue?

Books and stories for 2017

And here we go again: With another brand spankin’ new year just around the corner, there are bound to be lists and lists of resolutions. I didn’t come up with anything last year but for 2017, I’d like to at least fool myself try. And you can bet that my list includes “read more books” and “finish writing at least one *&$?!# story!” For 2017, I seem hell bent on wanting to do things I normally wouldn’t. But I draw the line at eating exotic delicacies such as frog’s legs or crocodile meat. No, thank you.

Afterthought: I really should read The Hunger Games series, not to mention the book “Ready Player One.” Oh! And a few of Haruki Murakami’s books I missed, likeΒ “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage.” (Any books you’d like to recommend?)

And that’s it for me for now. I will see you all next year in this internet world, people! πŸ˜€ Until then, I hope you all have a great and fun and colorful New Year’s Eve! πŸ™‚



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