Up All Night


2017, you’ve been interesting and inspiring the past few days.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a lot be thankful for. Bad, ugly, awful things happened last year but now, when I drift off to sleep at night or I find myself walking down the moonlit street late at night and everything’s silent and peaceful, I feel like where I am where I’m meant to be. If there is a word that could best describe the past year, it would be this: ACCEPTANCE. And with it came the realization that the more I struggled (I still do) and jerked away from people and circumstances that I cannot change, the more I am hurting myself. I started to change my viewpoint and approach on things. As a result, 2017 came with a quiet sense of calmness and I am thankful for that.

No news is good news

I have been working on tiny tweaks in some areas of my life, one or two of them I wouldn’t normally do. I don’t want to share them just yet. You know those small, personal things you do for a better version of yourself? That’s what I am doing now. What I have been doing the past few months. Last year was so emotionally draining that I just want to get started on new things. I plan on sharing / documenting those via Instagram and Snapchat soon. Do follow me if you’re into that whole personal changes /  a better me thing. 🙂 Thanks!

P.S. The so-called breadcrumb. 😉

Sport bras you can’t wait to rock.

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The holiday insanity, a.k.a. the beauty haul

I never thought I’d live to see that day that’ll happen but yeah. I bought online a few (really, they’re… quite few… I think?) make-up items. I only usually put on BB cream when I’m not feeling too lazy. Otherwise, I go to work sans make-up because I live for that: Scaring people with my bloodless face. But because I have been stalking feeling inspired by two beauty vloggers, I went click-happy online and before I knew it… Whoops! I ordered this and that. 😀 My current favorites are L’Oreal’s Lumi Cushion, Pink Sugar concealer, and Suesh Lip Color in LC218. Just use these three and you’re good to go! These products also remind me that I don’t have to hurt my pockets to buy items that I can use whenever I want to look human. Or when I have to hide my under-eye circles and sallow complexion due to staying up all night as if I didn’t have work the next day.


Blasts from the past

Sweet Valley High. Fear Street. Remember those books from the 90s? Ah, such great memories of reading, of spending summer and late nights trying to finish them in one sitting. I was THRILLED when I spotted a copy of Sweet Valley High Magna Edition, “Return of the Evil Twin” in a secondhand bookstore. As if that wasn’t enough, I also found R.L. Stine’s “The Third Horror” from the Fear Street series! Oh, be still, my beating nerdy heart. Getting to read those books from my tween years really was great.


Straight right out of “Stranger Things”

Wednesday ungodly hour early morning, I woke up with a start. For a few seconds there, as I opened my eyes, I didn’t — couldn’t –move. I was in that fuzzy state of being conscious yet sort of still asleep. The remnants of my dream (nightmare, more like it) bled through my waking moments. For a while, I wondered (feared?) if that humanoid creature from my dream would come out of the bathroom ANY SECOND NOW. Here was that damn dream:

I was in our bathroom when I looked up and saw dents being made in the ceiling, as if someone (something) was walking above me. Then there were groans and creaks as the dents started resembling footprints. The sounds grew louder and louder until something fell from the hole in the ceiling. Whatever it was, it landed with a huge yet flat, wet sound. I could only stand in horror, gaping at it. When it stood up and I could finally make sense of what it was, I started screaming and sprinted away from it. My mother saw me in my hysterical state and asked what was wrong. I told her there was a creature in the bathroom, one that fell from the ceiling. Do you know what her reaction was? “Oh, it’s just a creature.” All composed and unfazed, as if it was every day that we get a creature dropping from the bathroom ceiling. We went back to the bathroom, though. The creature was gone. But then the next time I saw it, it was walking around our house with — brace yourself — a suitcase. Again, I stood rooted to my spot, too horrified and scared to move upon seeing it again. The creature simply looked at me and seemed to say, “Office.” Then it just dashed away. That was when I woke up. But that creature will keep lurking at the back of my head:


And that’s it for me. I hope the first few days of 2017 has been good to you, too.



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