2017 So Far


The middle of January of this new year went by in a daze, armed with promises dipped in glitters of rose and gold. That and a couple of books read. My penchant for horror has not diminished and it looks like a part of me is dead set on getting some exercise afters years of lazy, sloth-like sedentary lifestyle. It’s too early to say anything as if it’s set in stone. A part of me still fears and worry that this year will pull awful stunts on me yet again, but a bigger part of me refuses to cave in to that fear. Entertaining thoughts of it is one thing. But dwelling on it and letting it hold me back is a different thing altogether. If 2016 taught me something, resilience is one of them. And I am grateful for that.

“Some men never
and some men never
but we’re all alive
— Charles Bukowski, 1813 – 1883

Little bits and pieces of my life, myself have been rearranging quietly. And I like that. I like the feeling of moving forward. It’s exhilarating and freeing. I have always been the type of person who needs to feel good inside before manifesting it physically, if not in tangible ways. I can never be that person who dresses up well while feeling like shit. I mean, if I feel awfully awful… Let’s just say that if I could get away with it, I would put on a makeshift dress consisting of newspapers and glue (and it’s not even the colored or glitter type of glue) and pair it with slippers made with cardboard and colored strings. With that in mind, together with all the lessons I have learned last year, I try to become more conscious of the projects I choose to throw myself into. And while I am not busy shuffling towards my personal goals, I dive into these:


I have been re-reading Stephen King’s “Bazaar of Bad Dreams” and enjoying that thoroughly. I blogged about my three favorite short stories from that here. I purchased two used books, Sweet Valley High Magna Edition, “Return of the Evil Twin” and Fear Street “The Third Horror”, weeks ago and realized only later that I managed to pick books which were actually blasts from the past. Reading them after all these years brought back the good old days. Fellow book nerds will know the thrill running down my spine as I opened the pages and began reading the work of R.L. Stine and a creation of Francine Pascal. Even the smell of the pages was awesome. I could get book drunk every single day and be happy — ecstatic, even — about that.

TV show

I have recently watched the first episode of “The Exorcist” and I was surprised by how good it actually was. Yes, there were scary parts (and those were good — really good — scary scenes) and yes, there’s the usual priest in doubt of himself but… BUT the style and flow of that first episode was tantalizing and intriguing. I wanted to know if Father Tomas will pursue the visions / dreams he was having. If he would help the Rance family and how would he approach it. (Because, you know, with demon possession you never know what you’re gonna get.) I was also curious about Father Marcus. He was a man with good intentions but did his last exorcism break him? Will he help Father Tomas? And how? Also: That attic scene at the Rances’ house. BOOM! Instant fan here, folks. I have yet to watch the second episode, which I hope won’t disappoint.

(Side note: I have not yet watched any episode of season 12 of “Supernatural” because I plan on binge-watching it, as usual. I also read somewhere that season 13 has been approved. Yay! *pumps fist in the air*)

Life in general

I am a creature of habit most of the time. I mean, why fix what ain’t broken, right? However, plans of chopping my locks and a new color is definitely, definitely in my “to do” list. And that’s just one of the things I am working on. Like I said, I tend to stick to what I’m used to. Yes, even with my hair. Case in point, exhibit A: I haven’t changed my hairdo for more than five years, sticking with the same length and style. I can say the same for my choice of clothes. I guess I’ll be greeting the first few months of 2017 with minimal changes but changes nonetheless.

I’m truly curious: What do you do when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Like you’ve been doing the same things over and over and over again for 89547987 years. Are you content to not shake the boat or do you throw caution to the wind and do something different once in a while?



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