Ahoy! Changes ahead!


Dear readers, I have moved! 😀 Please click this or the image right below. I’m pretty excited about the new blog. I hope to see you there!


In previous life, I used to create and maintain my own website. I have little idea what happened to that girl — Oh, wait. I did. That girl was me and I remember EXACTLY WHY I stopped: Two Bs. Namely Budget and Broken heart. I am happy to say that both had improved immensely, especially for the second B. (Gawd. That was the messiest, the worst break-up ever.) Now guess what? I finally got a new website! YEAH! YAY!


I’m still in the middle of creating it, throwing in bits and pieces here and there. It’s going to have more posts that aren’t so random. *pause* Okay, maybe 40% random because let’s face it: There will be times when randomness cures boredom. Pretty sure you would still want to see posts about strangers sending me Facebook requests or Dear Bones. (Sshh. Don’t worry. I rather like Dear Bones, too. Oh, the sarcasm that column gives! Sometimes scorching, sometimes a mild flame.) So yeah. I’ll keep those random posts for you. You’re welcome.

The new website will launch first week of February. If you’re interested in it, I am definitely throwing photos as hints in my Instagram account. I figured I’d be less random there as well. What can I say? 2017 is a good time for cleaning up not just one’s life but one’s social media accounts as well. I wish I could say the same for my Twitter account but nay, I do love spewing an assortment of things there. If randomness is your jam, too, I’d love to see you there.

Well, that’s it for my geeky announcement. I won’t keep you long. But I do hope to see you in the new website when the time comes! 😀

** Update! **

The new Foxes & Fangs website is up!! YAY! I’m really excited about the new(ish direction it’s going to take. I have already started posting there and will do so from now on. Please take a look here or click on the logo below. See you there!



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