A List of Things: Books Whose Words I’m Looking Forward to Eating


Since the last time I have blogged, I managed to miss 3.5 work days, finished reading one book (I know; I have magically transformed into a turtle — Sometimes, I turn into a sloth; other times I don’t even what I am anymore), and somehow managed to add a number of books in my TBR pile. Books I’d finish reading probably ten, twenty, 57634785 years from now. WHO KNOWS? It’s a surprise.

I’ve downloaded samples of books and most of them I enjoyed. Yay!


There were more than a dozen books I’ve sampled and I had to stop myself from downloading more, which pretty much just gives me more options to buy and so I did the most mature thing to date: Before I lost what little control I have in me, I stopped downloading samples to avoid the hasty (but oh so satisfying and oh so good) decision of buying them on my next payday. Because I can’t do that. Would be a nice fantasy to just storm inside the bookstore, armed with my list of books to buy, money be damned. But nope. I’m just a broke girl, standing in front of a bookstore, asking it to help me win the lottery so I can practically own it. Ugh. Me and my selfish bookworm, geeky heart.


Due to my limited funds (I am still waiting for my fairy godmother to appear and make me win the lottery) I have narrowed down to buying the following books soon:

“Vicious” by V.E. Schwab

The villain takes the spotlight here? This has got me so intrigued! It doesn’t happen very often that I’m actually invested in the villain. Also, I want to know: What happened between Victor and Eli that there’s bad blood between them? Bad enough that one hunts the other, hell-bent on having more than just a confrontation. And the book seems to promise superpowers and magic and all that jazz. Yep, I AM SOLD. Take my soul. You can bet I’m going to gobble up this book once I get my hands on it.

“The Darkest Part of the Forest” by Holly Black


What reeled me in to this book the moment I started reading its sample is the way the words were strung together, giving off this magical vibe. I swear I could actually taste the words and feel the sentences as I read them. It was enchanting, with undercurrents of darkness. It felt like any moment now, something’s going to go wrong. Oh so wrong. It made me want to build a blanket-and-pillows tent and hide there in case dark, magical creatures suddenly come storming in. This book promised me delicious dark disturbance and magical creatures and confusing things. I am practically salivating just at the thought of lapping up this beautiful, haunting book.

“Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green


I have never read a John Green book, although I was thinking of trying “Paper Towns” back then. But then came “Turtles All the Way Down” and when I learned that this book was (partly?) about mental health issues, like anxiety attacks and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), I knew this was the John Green book I was going to read. Please hold this coffee for me, Susan. I need to scrounge around for some extra cash lying around the house, so I can buy this book.

What books are you screaming / squealing / doing backflips for to read?

P.S. Have a happy and wonderful weekend, folks!



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