Six Books I am Currently Reading and Oh Wow I Bet They are Ready to Murder Me


Amidst all the naps taken, meals eaten, and more taps taken I have managed to create a circus inside my head by juggling six books to read. I didn’t even realize it. That’s how serious my memory failure is. I pluck one book off the (sometimes virtual) bookshelf and think, “Oh great! This looks great! I’m going to read this.” And I read it with the enthusiasm of a child learning how to bike for the first time: Bound to crash straight into someone else’s front lawn. I pick one book, read a couple of chapters, lather, rinse, repeat. And before I knew it, I have six books that are in the “currently reading” limbo status.


House of Small Shadows

House_of_Small_ShadowsI was really, really excited to read this. I enjoyed and loved Adam Nevill’s short stories. The story played out so nicely: Lots of creepiness and mystery. An old mansion with an eccentric old lady and her mysterious housekeeper. The odd and disturbing displays. The horrible realization that perhaps, just perhaps, it was a bad idea to set foot in that mansion, after all.

But then I lost my eagerness and interest during the last few chapters because it felt too dragging and repetitive. I felt that there were scenes that could have been more or that could have been done without. But yeah, I still plan on finishing it. I think I’m about four or five chapters from the ending.


Some Will Not Sleep

Some_Will_Not_SleepAgain, this one is from Adam Nevill. This time, it’s a collection of horror stories. It was near the end of 2017 when I stopped reading this. I have only read the first three or four stories. They were enjoyable and they contained Nevill’s trademark hushed and creepy and foreboding tone. I guess it’s just me. Wrong book at the wrong time. But I’ll definitely continue reading it, since his short stories never fail to disappoint.







No One Gets Out Alive

No_One_Gets_Out_AliveOkay, so I bought this one from a shop selling secondhand books and I felt all the fluttery feelings when I saw this on one of their shelves. An Adam Nevill book! One I had wanted to read because haunted house! Phantom sounds of a weeping woman! Silhouettes appearing when you’re about to fall asleep! What else could go wrong, right?

Yeah, well nothing at this point. I gave up on it after the first few pages and moved on to “The Cruel Prince”, I think. Don’t get me wrong: Nevill’s writing is AWESOME. He’s one of my favorite writers. I guess I’m just not in the mood for some horror lately. I may or may not have been lured to dark fairy stories and magical worlds. But I know I’ll come back to this sooner or later.


Bangkok Haunts

Bangkok_HauntsLet me start off with this statement about this book: It’s insane. I have only read a few chapters and I find it insane. The GOOD kind of insane. There’s a paranormal storyline, a whodunnit plot, and the story takes place in Bangkok, a place I am dying to visit. It’s nothing like I’ve read before and I think that’s a good thing??

“Sonchai has seen virtually everything on his beat in Bangkok’s District 8, but nothing like the snuff film he’s just been sent anonymously. Furiously fast-paced and laced through with an erotic ghost story that gives a new dark twist to the life of our hero.”

I’m a fragile flower, okay? But HECK YES, I will definitely, definitely catch up on reading this.


The Grown Up

the_grownupThis one is another haunted house story. But given that it’s Gillian Flynn who wrote it, I am bracing myself for something dark and twisted.

I only started reading this yesterday. I bought it on sale and my geeky heart skipped a beat or two when the cashier rang up the final price. I was so happy I had a second round of Starbucks’ Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato. Let it go on record that that drink is now my absolute favorite everrrr. But I digress. “The Grown Up.” So. I am just a couple of pages into the book but I am quickly drawn into it. I plan on finishing this tonight… If I don’t drop dead from exhaustion first, as my commute time is longer now. Oof!



CaravalThis is a pretty new book that I didn’t start reading until the other day. I continued last night and it was so hard to put down. I had to fight myself to place it back on my bookshelf because there’s work the next day. If only I could, I would stay up all night and finish it, all bleary eyed come sunrise. But then the bills won’t take care of themselves now, will they?

This book is enchanting and interesting and every chapter leaves you hungering for more. What happens next? I need to know. I will howl on the moon, take a bite on the sun, swim down to Ursula and trade my voice just to know. (Yeah, pretty dramatic there.)

This is my top reading priority right now. The need to know what happens is HUGE.



Well, I plan on finishing “The Grown Up” and “Caraval.” before the week ends. (I have no life.) And then I’ll take a nap and… Will you please wake me up when “Legendary” is already out? Look at me! I have only started with “Caraval” and I’m already being greedy, wanting my hands on the second book. Bookworm priorities, people. Amiright?



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