The Bookish Monster that I am, I…


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This is the post where I confess my preferences when it comes to displaying my books in the bookshelves (and sometimes, on the floor). All five of them true, none of them recommended. But you’re welcome to try.

And so, The Bookish Monster that I am, I…

Don’t fold corners of any book.

But I don’t use bookmarks, either. You know what I rely on to remember where I last left off with a book? My memory. Yeah, like that’s a pretty reliable source. What I do is look at the page number, echo it in my head several times, close the book, and then go do something. Maybe eat a meal, take a nap, do some squats, shower our dog with affection by throwing my arms around her neck and fuss over her until she squirms and finally break free. Then I come back to the book, open it, and wonder where I last left off. HAHA.


Don’t arrange my books in a particularly orderly order.

Some bookworms like to arrange their books by color or genre or size. Me? I just let them sit side by side according to authors. And when there’s a book gone wild out there in the bookshelf (read: book by an author I have read only once), I simply stack it on the floor or prop it on a shelf beside books by Stephen King or Neil Gaiman, hoping no one will notice that there’s a book in that row the equivalent of a sore thumb. It works almost ALL the time, but only because none of my family members even spend one hot second glancing at it. In fact, if they could they would probably chuck out my bookshelves. I suspect one or two of them might actually be planning on getting rid of my books because THERE. ARE. SO. MUCH. OF. IT. So I let out a chant and sprinkle my bookshelves with salt (maybe????) before going to bed. Better safe than sorry.


Just let my books sit there on the floor.

Especially when: a) I’m too lazy exhausted to put them back on the shelf. b) I have actually run out of shelves. I know what you’re probably thinking right now:


Now, when the latter happens, our housekeeper takes it upon herself to place those books back on the shelf, on top of a row of books. This arrangement gives me palpitations. While I am not an exacting bookshelf master (hahahaha no), I do have one quirk rule, which brings me to the next item on this list…

Don’t stack books on top of a row of books.

Did that make sense at all? Don’t worry. I confuse myself too, sometimes. Let me try explaining it this way:

  1. Picture a row of books.
  2. Yeah, they’re lined up crookedly and not all in the same height but that’s not the point.
  3. This is the point: On that row of books, you take a book or two or 12 and then stack that book on top of that row.
  4. You basically get a recipe to make my eyes hurt and my head pound.

So yeah. I’d rather leave them stacked on the floor than stack them on top of a row of books.


Leave the book I am currently reading propped beside my pillow.

I don’t have a bedside table and I am too lazy to get up from the bed and put the book back on the shelf. So in my bed the book goes. Did any book ever get crumpled or eaten by me while I was sleeping? Nope. It’s my superpower. I show reverence for books even in my sleep.


Now that I have gotten those off my chest, it’s your turn.



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