July: The month that traumatized me

July is for horrifying

Ironically enough, it’s also my birth month. WHAT’S UP, UNIVERSE????

It’s been one hell of a month, that July. Whew! But let’s not focus on my three hospital trips. Go on and sit down, Bob and Becky. This is that time where I talk to you about what made July traumatizing yet awesome because:

  1. Stephen King book
  2. “Come and Hug Me”

While I only managed to read four books last month (I need to update my Goodreads account, yes?), it was a good month in Booknerd Kingdom. I barely crawled out of my room, let alone my house to finish gobbling up wonderful, wonderful works of fiction. The last book I read for July was “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King and while my nerves were all fried up, it was an awesome read nonetheless.

Meanwhile, it’s in the land of Kdrama Fever was where I laid low. I stopped binge-watching them and instead focused on finishing just one. I chose “Come and Hug Me” and dropped “Why Secretary Kim” and paused on “Master in the House.” (The latter is not really a kdrama but a kshow, though.) What is it about “Come and Hug Me” that made me continue to watch it? Oh dear… All the tension and nail-biting moments on that one!

“Pet Sematary” by Stephen King

The plot: Louis Creed and his family moves to a small town in Maine called Ludlow. He starts his new job there as a doctor in University of Maine. He becomes close to the man who lives across the road from him, an old local named Jud. Soon Louis discovers that the town’s local myth might as well be truth and it’s that kind of truth that would cost him his family and his sanity.

I will not go into details, as I might give away some spoilers for those who are planning to read it. (You should!) All I can say is that while it’s not as terrifying as “The Shining”, it’s still horrifying on its own. There’s the grim subject of death and the concept of what happens to a family when such unexpected tragedy strikes. I think this book tackles horror in different aspects and that’s what made it so good. 10/10 recommend, especially for fellow horror fans.


“Come and Hug Me”

Right from the start, this show had me glued. It was an interesting concept: The son of a serial killer who tried to do his best to be a good person. He had put a stop to his father’s killings when he was seventeen and had carried the guilt of being related to him all throughout the years. He was a broken boy then; he’s a broken man now. Throw in the fact that his first love’s parents were also victims of his father. What a complicated mess.

This show appealed to me because I wanted to see how it will all play out: How would the killer’s family live with the guilt and the hatred of the people? How will the male lead cope with every crazy thing that’s happened to him? How will he handle the inevitable showdown with his father? And then there’s the female lead: She was such a sweet and happy yet fierce and headstrong teenager. How will she turn out after her parents were killed? On Christmastime too, no less! Will she grow up bitter and angry at the world, at the male lead (her first love)? So many questions! So many possibilities! And then there’s the father himself: He’s so obsessed with the notion that his son (the male lead) will turn out to be exactly like him. Hence the idea that he will get rid of anyone who’s a weakness to his son.

This show is dark and tragic yet beautiful and sweet. It depicts the different human nature and how the choices we make can really make or break us as individuals. It was a drama well worth watching. It was a drama that I didn’t want my viewing hours back. 10/10 recommend for fellow kdrama fans who want mystery and thriller.

After reading something horrifying and watching something tragic, I am all up for lighter, fluffier things. #foreverscarred #noregrets

And that’s it for me. What book horrified you the most? What kdrama or show kept you glued right from the start? And why?? πŸ˜€ Do share. I’d love to hear from you.



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