The ultimate noona list: Kpop concert #1 – What’s in my bag

** Disclaimer: It has been days since I wrote this but decided to post it, anyway. Nothing has changed in anything I have claimed here, except that my friend and I actually got tickets days after the scheduled ticket selling. Yay!!!! Now we are convinced that GOT7 really wants to see us on that day, their forever young at heart noonas, armed with our love for them + our forgetful selves + our maintenance medicines.

Focus On Me is playing in the background. I am eating garlic spinach. I still have a less-than-half-full cup of African Sunrise tea from CBTL. It’s been a rainy day. GOT7 concert ticket selling is this coming Sunday and you know what else? My phone line application is turning sideways and I feel like I’m riding a sinking ship as far as my hopes are concerned. But I will not be deterred.

Earlier, my friend and I were discussing our possible attendance to GOT7’s concert on October. We covered everything: The seats we wanted. The clothes we’re going to wear. The money we’d have to shell out for the merch, the food, and other variables (i.e. more merch). There’s also the things we need to make sure we put inside our bags. That latter is very, very important. When you get our age, I promise you: Going to a (kpop) concert needs utter focus and complete pre-planning that will beat all pre-planning gurus to shame.

Look, we’re in our 30s but we’re not stopping ourselves from watching GOT7. We want to hear them bust their lungs out from singing, which they do so amazingly well live. We want to see them dance. We want to see them have fun with each other and the crowd, something they’re really, really great at. (GOT7 are born entertainers, I swear. Their sense of humor is off the charts. Please refer to Exhibit A and Exhibit B.) Also, we want them to douse us with water. (They’re known to do that during concerts. I was informed that other kpop groups do that, too.) Tangent done and over with: We have come up with a list of items that we must bring to the concert. (I added one or two.)

  • extra shirts – for when we get blessed with water from one of the guys. Also for when we get sweaty from hours of waiting in line.
  • face towels – This is in relation to the extra shirt.
  • wet wipes + alcohol – You just never know when you’ll need these.
  • ear plugs – We’re aging and sensitive. Our ears need protection.
  • balms for headache – We’re still aging and still sensitive. The heat during waiting in line + the yells and cheers and whoops during the concert are bound to take effect on us. (But we’ll enjoy them and take them all, anyway. Thank you very much.)
  • medicines – We both have (different) heart conditions and we need to lug those around when necessary.
  • multivitamins + fish oil capsules – to be taken at the start of the day, to make sure we’d have extra energy during the concert and not fall asleep by 9 PM, while the guys are in the middle of performing.
  • umbrella – Not gonna lie. Bringing this is force of habit. I’m not sure if October is a rainy month here. I’m a confused, broke potato. I guess you can’t bring this inside the arena. I told you I’m a confused potato. Haha.

Now that we have the tickets and our list of “items to bring” are complete, my friend and I are all set. The majority of the crowd may be 10 years or so younger than us (not to mention GOT7 themselves), but I promise you we are not your creepy creeper. *insert laughing emoji*

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