Foxes & Fangs is a personal blog that yaps talks mostly about anything horror, books, writing, and life in general. It is 100% fueled by large amounts of coffee and sleepless nights. There are blog posts that reference to a mythical pet giraffe; ignore that. The pet giraffe. Not the blog posts. Good God, never the blog posts. Those are gold nuggets of rawness that ranges from sober to silly, depending on the amount of coffee (sometimes vodka) that had been gulped down that time.

Anna grew up in the city. As a child, she eagerly devoured books, was often caught woolgathering, and had one (just one!) imaginary friend. She took a stab at writing when she was nine and it was AWFUL. Armed with determination, yellow Mongol pencils, and notebooks, she continued to write. She was unaware that it would turn out to be one of her greatest passions and would, years later, bring her many moments of frustration and sleepless nights brought about by sorting through plots and dialogues, and then eventually over-analyzing them. As a result, half the time she wakes up from odd dreams and stumbles around, bleary-eyed and in full-on zombie mode.


I’m a geek at heart with love for horror and the supernatural. I do love the internet and also create and manage websites, both as hobby and profession. (See? Geek at heart!) When I’m not reading, writing or getting lost in the internet, I like to spend some quality time with friends and family, preferably while drinking coffee or scarfing down pizza / burgers / pasta. I am a creature of habit but when I get utterly bored, I tend to make bad decisions. (Haha!) Seriously, if you want to talk about writing, horror, or websites do feel free to contact me. I reply as soon as I can but in case you haven’t heard from me after three days (max), rest assured that I will still reply. I just most probably fell into the rabbit hole and partied so hard with The Mad Hatter and the rest of the gang that I lost track of time.

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If you are curious (or bored, who knows?) enough to know, here’s the original About page for this Foxes & Fangs blog:

Welcome to Foxes & Fangs, a blog that reads like a book. Meet Greta Grrl, our protagonist. She’s single, she’s got a job in a creative company (researcher / writer), she owns a flat (tiny but lovable and livable enough) in the middle of the city, and she dates. A lot. The only problem is she never seems to settle and she would fix this not-so-little hiccup in her romance department if only she knew how.

Join Greta as she flies solo in this city life, armed only with her eclectic taste in furniture and a bank account that she needs to add on to really, really quick. Join her as she dishes out life hacks about surviving in the office, dating, choosing the right wardrobe staples, saving cash, sticking out your neck in the hustle and bustle of a colorful city known as Maroon, warding off / scaring away men you don’t want, the best spots to drink yourself to a merry stupor, and so much more. It’s like your friendly trusty women’s magazine, only with more wit and charm and, um, the occasional stumbles — literally. Greta is not the most graceful girl on the planet and she does not hesitate to tell you that.


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