A List of Things: Books Whose Words I’m Looking Forward to Eating


Since the last time I have blogged, I managed to miss 3.5 work days, finished reading one book (I know; I have magically transformed into a turtle — Sometimes, I turn into a sloth; other times I don’t even what I am anymore), and somehow managed to add a number of books in my TBR pile. Books I’d finish reading probably ten, twenty, 57634785 years from now. WHO KNOWS? It’s a surprise.

I’ve downloaded samples of books and most of them I enjoyed. Yay!


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On short fictions and disturbances: “Trigger Warning” by Neil Gaiman


I first encountered the words “trigger warning” in the No Sleep sub-reddit. Just two words, four syllables, and yet it hit my curiosity. What, exactly, does trigger warning mean? TRIGGER WARNING. It sounded so ominous and striking (in all dark, terrifying ways possible). Instead of consulting Google to find out its meaning, I went ahead and read the No Sleep stories that contained the Trigger Warning label on them. When I did so, I soon grasped the meaning of it, if only out of context. Disturbing. Dark. Twisted. Terrifying. Those stories were darkness and gray clouds, sinister smiles and outright cruelty. I continued to read anyway, although I skipped some stories that were too uncomfortable for me.

I came across those words again no more than a few years back, this time in the form of a book written by Neil Gaiman. I bought it, of course. No questions asked. And once I was done reading the book, there were no regrets in my buying decision. No regrets, only moments of unease, of feeling unsettled and uncomfortable as I voraciously ate up each story in “Trigger Warning.”

Today, I have picked four short stories that jumped out of the pages and clawed and gnawed at me. They’re stories of humans and non-humans, of quests and deaths, of truths and lies. They’re the kind of stories that stick with you, the scenes replaying in your mind, resurrecting discomfort long after you have put down the book.

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The Weekend Dispatch: The beauty of disruption, starring a demon + a couple of zombies


So I have done some soul searching over the weekend and… HAHA! JOKE’S ON ME because then I’ve realized I have no more soul left. Wait, wait. That didn’t come out right. Let me try that again: I have done some soul searching over the weekend and… I realized that my pretty much undernourished soul badly needed something to read. The thought of jogging and doing some exercise did cross my mind but do I want to actually do those? Do I? DO I REALLY? The answer came a nanosecond after that life-altering question and said answer can be pretty much summed up eloquently with this gif reaction:


Moving on! Back to reading — or rather, back to re-reading — I went, starting again with the first couple of chapters of “The Exorcist.” The timing for it is perfect because Halloween!!!!

I don’t know what astounds me more: The striking prose of that book or the fact that I have forgotten some major details of the story. Continue reading