2017 So Far


The middle of January of this new year went by in a daze, armed with promises dipped in glitters of rose and gold. That and a couple of books read. My penchant for horror has not diminished and it looks like a part of me is dead set on getting some exercise afters years of lazy, sloth-like sedentary lifestyle. It’s too early to say anything as if it’s set in stone. A part of me still fears and worry that this year will pull awful stunts on me yet again, but a bigger part of me refuses to cave in to that fear. Entertaining thoughts of it is one thing. But dwelling on it and letting it hold me back is a different thing altogether. If 2016 taught me something, resilience is one of them. And I am grateful for that.

“Some men never
and some men never
but we’re all alive
— Charles Bukowski, 1813 – 1883

Little bits and pieces of my life, myself have been rearranging quietly. And I like that. I like the feeling of moving forward. It’s exhilarating and freeing. I have always been the type of person who needs to feel good inside before manifesting it physically, if not in tangible ways. I can never be that person who dresses up well while feeling like shit. I mean, if I feel awfully awful… Let’s just say that if I could get away with it, I would put on a makeshift dress consisting of newspapers and glue (and it’s not even the colored or glitter type of glue) and pair it with slippers made with cardboard and colored strings. With that in mind, together with all the lessons I have learned last year, I try to become more conscious of the projects I choose to throw myself into. And while I am not busy shuffling towards my personal goals, I dive into these:

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Almost there. Left, right, left.


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! I’m still alive, you guys! Either busy or lazy, but still alive. There is nothing like having a series of epiphanies to shake you up in varying levels and intensity. So, where to start? Aha! I know. Let me start with Facebook. I know that I will return to using it sooner or later, but not now. I haven’t been using it for a couple of days and I find that at this point, I don’t miss it. At all. Lesser noise and distractions for me. I frequent Instagram and Twitter, though. Feel free to follow me there. And while I do love to read, I don’t post about books as much as I know I should. It’s got more of a lifestyle / personal feel to it. Also? I tend to spout sporadic nonsense in Twitter. Sometimes amusing, sometimes you’d be better off not reading but there is that: It’s randomness at its finest. I excel in randomness, people. If it was a college course, I’d have graduated on top of the entire class. Heck, I’d have graduated on top of the entire human race who took up Randomness as their course. Randomness majoring in Procrastination. Yep, sounds just about the perfect match for me. And not to brag or anything, but here’s a list to showcase my mind-blowing practice on randomness:

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Something new: A cover reveal, “The Precious Ruby:


Confession time, folks: Aside from horror genre, I read romance novels from time to time. I didn’t want to throw that little detail around, dreading that moment when some of you might see that heart peeking out from under the sleeve of my slate gray sweater. You know, the one that screams “I love you 4ever” right there on the middle. I’d have to admit, my favorite romance novels are the ones written by Judith McNaught. Her heroines are always spunky. Fiery. Witty. I love it when female lead characters are strong and resilient. I also have a weakness for females who wrestle with their personal demons. And yes, even the “hot mess” types. I love it when they overcome their issues and past in ways that aren’t easy and yet — AND YET — they refuse to succumb to the pain and anger and hurt. I love their turning points, when they finally say they’ve had enough and heaven and hell be damned, they’ll do the right thing this time, even if the right thing isn’t always easy. And that’s what “The Precious Ruby” seems to promise me.

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