I’m a Cool Girl. Ice Cold. I Roll My Eyes at You, Boy.


I had a conversation with a friend recently. When he asked, “How’s the love life?” I can only dish out this response: “It’s practically non-existent.” To which he promptly asked, “What’s wrong with them?” And I knew — I knew without a doubt now — that the answer to that was: There’s nothing wrong with the guys I have been interested in and the guys who showed interest. It’s me. It’s all me. Maybe I’m too picky. Maybe I fear the negative side of a commitment. Maybe I’m scared of the same things happening all over again. Maybe it’s all of these thrown into one jumbled pile, one that is long overdue for some spring cleaning. But the days are getting shorter and a bit colder each day now, so a cleaning mood those do not make. 😀

I know there are good guys out there. I am friends with some of those good guys. Guys who won’t go sneaking behind your back with their side chick. (Or their wife that you do not know about… Ha!) Guys who won’t play with you. Guys who take relationships and commitment seriously. I know not all guys are the same and I shouldn’t generalize them based on a couple of relationships gone wrong / awry / awful (take your pick, folks). And I don’t. If there’s something I am proud of about myself (which is definitely not my selfie game, sad to say) it’s that I can read most people pretty well. Also translated as: I can spot the so-called bad boy a mile away. (Sometimes, I date them because I like bad ideas.)

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This isn’t good bye


I do love the internet. Perhaps a little too excessively; more than I would like to admit. It’s definitely my number one source for gathering materials on things that are interesting and funny. And I love how Facebook lets me see what my friends are up to. But recently, I have been feeling like it’s getting to be too much for me. It’s something I would like to take a break from. Again. But why Facebook? Why not my other (most used) social media accounts, such as Instagram and Twitter? Here is the simple reason why: I have gotten tired of Facebook. And then quite recently, it has become a source for drama and conflict.


In line with what I’ve just said:

Dear (certain) ladies,
Please calm down. He is all yours. Also? I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of.

(P.S. Please do not put your posse or your squad to do some sleuthing on your behalf. Do refer to the last sentence above.)

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ALT: Rainy Seasons Specials


It’s about 7 PM and I am on my way to the office. I am late, my feet are wet from the rain, and my brain just won’t shut up. Do you ever have that moment? You just want some peace and quiet. You just want to savor those few minutes you have before the work week starts. Only to find out that your brain just can’t stop yapping. And you are forced to endure it because what are you going to do about it? Dance around your own thoughts? Divert your attention to your wet feet or even wetter umbrella sitting there on the car floor beside your wet feet? Ignore your own thoughts?


I did nothing of those options. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the not-so-long commute to work. And then indulged myself to those thoughts, which I now dub as “rainy season specials.” I’m not gonna lie: Most of them are rubbish. Good for nothing musings such as “I should’ve bought a pair of boots for this kind of weather.” and “What if I just called in sick and stayed at home?” But the good news is that out of all that pile of nonsense, I managed to recall a few things. Now lo and behold, those thoughts that I actually managed to remember hours after they collided with my brain:
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