I Keep Coming Back to This



Ahoy! Changes ahead!


Dear readers, I have moved! 😀 Please click this or the image right below. I’m pretty excited about the new blog. I hope to see you there!


In previous life, I used to create and maintain my own website. I have little idea what happened to that girl — Oh, wait. I did. That girl was me and I remember EXACTLY WHY I stopped: Two Bs. Namely Budget and Broken heart. I am happy to say that both had improved immensely, especially for the second B. (Gawd. That was the messiest, the worst break-up ever.) Now guess what? I finally got a new website! YEAH! YAY!


I’m still in the middle of creating it, throwing in bits and pieces here and there. It’s going to have more posts that aren’t so random. *pause* Okay, maybe 40% random because let’s face it: There will be times when randomness cures boredom. Pretty sure you would still want to see posts about strangers sending me Facebook requests or Dear Bones. (Sshh. Don’t worry. I rather like Dear Bones, too. Oh, the sarcasm that column gives! Sometimes scorching, sometimes a mild flame.) So yeah. I’ll keep those random posts for you. You’re welcome.

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And every story ends but we can still pretend


Don’t be fooled by the heading (sub-title) below, ladies and gentlemen. This week’s list includes randomness yet again because have you not heard? I am a master at spewing random things. They just pop out of my mouth before I can even stop myself. Sometimes, I even argue with my own self when I find that I have diverted from my original train of thought. That’s how bad ass I am at being random. Well, it’s just a few days until New Year’s Eve. That means you’ve got time to read my erratic list below, yes? Because it makes absolute sense: You’ve got time. And what better way to kill time than to read a (what could be a) psychopath’s account regarding his “girlfriend”? Also, what’s your take on selfies? What about your resolutions for 2017? All right, I’ll shut up now. Here goes the heart of this post:

A (questionable) love story that can go so wrong in so many ways: Not recognizing the fact that you were never dating to begin with.


Mad props to Marcus for giving me a link to read for me to kill some time! And read it I did, although I haven’t read all of the comments / recommendations. BUT as with the internet world, I found myself getting lost in links. I click on a link and BAM! I land on an internet place that’s either horrifying and frustrating (virus!) or interesting. Sometimes, it’s just blah. This time, though, the page I managed to find myself in was interesting.

I have yet to finish reading the Denko story and the more I read, the more it gets creepy. The OP (a male) has been in love with a classmate of his, Denko. Madly, hopelessly, desperately in love. And when Denko gives him a bit of attention (and by “a bit” I mean really, really tiny bit), he blows it out of proportion. He thinks she’s into him, too. And when she doesn’t respond to his efforts after that, he sends her 600 emails in three days. Six hundred emails. *pause* In three days. What the ever loving f**k? I can’t even… Trust me, folks. This Denko story is really something to read, if only to while away the time and peek inside the mind of a mentally unstable man. And there’s his reasoning! Every time Denko rejects him nicely, in his mind it’s just her playing hard to get. It’s creepy in the sense that you know there ARE people out there who’s just like that. *shudder*

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