Life Update, Volume I Don’t Even Know Anymore

February 14th was supposed to be a milestone. I started it months ago, with bright eyes and eager smile. But then things happened and I had to postpone it. The good news is that I’m still definitely giving it a go. I want to give it a go. And so go I shall. What? AmContinue reading “Life Update, Volume I Don’t Even Know Anymore”

The Chase: Murders and Adorable Old People

I’m a fan of murder mysteries and when “The Chase” popped up on my Netflix, its synopsis immediately made me add it to my list and I’m glad I did. After people in his town start turning up dead, a grumpy landlord is visited by a man who recounts an unsolved serial murder case fromContinue reading “The Chase: Murders and Adorable Old People”

Paper thin plans

I blinked my eyes for a couple of seconds and before I knew it, it’s September. Correction: Halfway through September. I swear time seems to go by faster each day. (But I’m looking forward to holidays! October 31st, I have my eyes on you.) So I finished “Class of Lies” and lived through the disturbing,Continue reading “Paper thin plans”