How to survive 2017 (because we all know 2016 sucked)


What if the zombie apocalypse suddenly became real? One day you wake up and BAM! Lots of bloodthirsty (meat thirsty?) non-humans all around you. Or — or what if vampires and werewolves took over the human population, reigning over us, and we have to suffer the consequences of their repeating feud? (God forbid we see a ton of sparkly Edward Cullens going around. I am okay with vampires but I draw the line on SPARKLY vampires.)

With all the s**t that happened last year, it seems like anything is possible. Short of waving my wand and chanting something for peace here on Earth, here are some things that we can all do in order to stay sane this year. They are, admittedly, small things. Their effects, however, will benefit you in the long run.

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2017 So Far


The middle of January of this new year went by in a daze, armed with promises dipped in glitters of rose and gold. That and a couple of books read. My penchant for horror has not diminished and it looks like a part of me is dead set on getting some exercise afters years of lazy, sloth-like sedentary lifestyle. It’s too early to say anything as if it’s set in stone. A part of me still fears and worry that this year will pull awful stunts on me yet again, but a bigger part of me refuses to cave in to that fear. Entertaining thoughts of it is one thing. But dwelling on it and letting it hold me back is a different thing altogether. If 2016 taught me something, resilience is one of them. And I am grateful for that.

“Some men never
and some men never
but we’re all alive
— Charles Bukowski, 1813 – 1883

Little bits and pieces of my life, myself have been rearranging quietly. And I like that. I like the feeling of moving forward. It’s exhilarating and freeing. I have always been the type of person who needs to feel good inside before manifesting it physically, if not in tangible ways. I can never be that person who dresses up well while feeling like shit. I mean, if I feel awfully awful… Let’s just say that if I could get away with it, I would put on a makeshift dress consisting of newspapers and glue (and it’s not even the colored or glitter type of glue) and pair it with slippers made with cardboard and colored strings. With that in mind, together with all the lessons I have learned last year, I try to become more conscious of the projects I choose to throw myself into. And while I am not busy shuffling towards my personal goals, I dive into these:

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And every story ends but we can still pretend


Don’t be fooled by the heading (sub-title) below, ladies and gentlemen. This week’s list includes randomness yet again because have you not heard? I am a master at spewing random things. They just pop out of my mouth before I can even stop myself. Sometimes, I even argue with my own self when I find that I have diverted from my original train of thought. That’s how bad ass I am at being random. Well, it’s just a few days until New Year’s Eve. That means you’ve got time to read my erratic list below, yes? Because it makes absolute sense: You’ve got time. And what better way to kill time than to read a (what could be a) psychopath’s account regarding his “girlfriend”? Also, what’s your take on selfies? What about your resolutions for 2017? All right, I’ll shut up now. Here goes the heart of this post:

A (questionable) love story that can go so wrong in so many ways: Not recognizing the fact that you were never dating to begin with.


Mad props to Marcus for giving me a link to read for me to kill some time! And read it I did, although I haven’t read all of the comments / recommendations. BUT as with the internet world, I found myself getting lost in links. I click on a link and BAM! I land on an internet place that’s either horrifying and frustrating (virus!) or interesting. Sometimes, it’s just blah. This time, though, the page I managed to find myself in was interesting.

I have yet to finish reading the Denko story and the more I read, the more it gets creepy. The OP (a male) has been in love with a classmate of his, Denko. Madly, hopelessly, desperately in love. And when Denko gives him a bit of attention (and by “a bit” I mean really, really tiny bit), he blows it out of proportion. He thinks she’s into him, too. And when she doesn’t respond to his efforts after that, he sends her 600 emails in three days. Six hundred emails. *pause* In three days. What the ever loving f**k? I can’t even… Trust me, folks. This Denko story is really something to read, if only to while away the time and peek inside the mind of a mentally unstable man. And there’s his reasoning! Every time Denko rejects him nicely, in his mind it’s just her playing hard to get. It’s creepy in the sense that you know there ARE people out there who’s just like that. *shudder*

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