Ahoy! I’m still alive, apparently.

I’m not dead yet. Please excuse my absence from blogging. Life’s been either a whirlwind or a dead-end street. There is no in-between.

There is a list of blog posts waiting to be furiously typed out and published.

There is a slew of plot ideas waiting to be let out.

There is this book called “World War Z” waiting to be finished.

There is a new template for this website waiting to be put together.

There is absolutely no way I am in sound condition to do any of those. Do you know why? For a week or so now, our housekeeper had to take an emergency leave and go back to her province. So it’s just me and the two other ladies, plus two more girl dogs (one absolutely just chill and the other seemingly forever running and jumping around just to see which one of us — me, my mom, my sister — would drop on the floor, curl up, and sob, all sanity broken) and one male cat (dubbed “asshat” but we say that with loving fondness, really, although he is exactly that half the time) for now. And you know what? Those were the longest 7+ days in my life. THE LONGEST. And most excruciating.
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Things I found in the internet and what I make of them

New theme up and running! Isn’t it pretty? I do love clean, minimal designs. You know what else I love? Just how much new information I can glean just by using my fingertips. Hello, internet! In this day and age, what are we if we don’t use it. Amiright?

I’ve been doing some (social? personal?) experiments here and there. Not to say that I’ve been throwing myself at those with passion that would rival that of Shah Jahan when he had the Taj Mahal built, but things have definitely improved in the forefront. Am I better person for it? I can’t say. It’s too early to tell. I’m just happy with these baby steps I’m taking. Equally happy with the small wins.

But enough blathering. During those days I have not dipped my toes in social media, I happened to come across great reads:
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The apps I love and what I use them for

I’m a web junkie. I don’t even want to keep track of the hours I spend in the internet when I’m bored, because I know that instead of soaking in that much time there I could’ve been doing productive things. It doesn’t matter which site I go to. I am bound to stumble upon something interesting. One click leads to another and another and another… You get the idea. Ever since I’ve discovered the internet way back, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from discovering and uncovering new blogs and websites, and along with them, new online friends, new ideas and inspirations. The internet is my playground and truth be told, if someone took my phone away from me for even a day, I’d feel like an appendage of mine is missing.

Here is the list of apps I use mainly for both entertainment and connecting with people. The apps I use for blogging and such are different, but here is the list in my old blog (needs to be updated, though) for that if you want to see it, too.
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