Back, back again!

And I am back, folks! Do I feel refreshed from the time off that I took from blogging? No. But have I become a wiser person from sorting out personal issues while I was not blogging? Also no. I, however, have clocked in more nap hours. Small wins, people. Small. Wins.
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All apologies: Radio silence, volume 758983475

I need to sort out and work on some things going on offline. With that said, I will not post here for a couple more days. Sorry for the lack of updates and nonsense that this blog never fails to deliver. (Haha!) If need be, reach out to me via my Contact page.
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Life Plans: This huge heart + chasing UAE (probably, maybe)

I know I should probably give an update regarding my social media break. It’s not going as planned, to be honest. Twitter broke me; I caved. Facebook followed suit. Instagram and Snapchat are the only channels I managed to not touch again. But were there some changes after taking a break for a couple of days? Really, truly. Fast facts:

  1. My internet usage in my phone has been reduced to… I’m not very good at figures, so let me just say that whereas I used to suck out my internet usage for a day, I can now stretch my usage to three days. If that isn’t an improvement, I don’t know what is.
  2. My phone has more extended battery life. Obviously.
  3. I was finally able to sit down and write some plans and goals for this year. Concrete ones. Actionable items. It’s the real deal, people! *does a tap dance* (I don’t really tap dance.)

Was there a difference in how I now use my social media accounts compared to prior the break? That’s another post for another time. But back to fact #3: Plans and goals. Throw in a few realizations, because where’s the fun in taking a social media break if you don’t take the time to stew and wallow in self-criticism and self-doubt? Here are two of those plans goals:
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