Something New: The Maroon Dispatch, Vol. I

I have been such a space case the past couple of months that I completely forgot I was working on something. A writing project, if you will. It started very spontaneously. So spontaneously that I wrote it down on our dining table, the words easily seeping out of the black gel pen that I so highly favor. I still remember that feeling I got while writing it down: electric, seemingly charged. Lightning coursing through my veins. Before I knew it, I had created a newsletter about a fictional place I created for my finished story.

Long story short, to spare you from painful ramblings: I was struggling with continuing that story. I was in the middle of book two and I just stopped. I was in a slump. No scene seemed fit or exciting. The characters were uninspired. I was ready to stop writing altogether and just numb my brain with junk food and reality TV shows. But then I started writing this… dispatch. I didn’t know which direction it would take. I just started writing about one of Maroon Island’s folklores. (Maroon Island is the fictional place I mentioned.) It picked up from there. This has been written last August, but I still want to share it with you. I’m hoping it’ll come across as unsettling yet fascinating. Here, dig in:



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Up All Night


2017, you’ve been interesting and inspiring the past few days.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a lot be thankful for. Bad, ugly, awful things happened last year but now, when I drift off to sleep at night or I find myself walking down the moonlit street late at night and everything’s silent and peaceful, I feel like where I am where I’m meant to be. If there is a word that could best describe the past year, it would be this: ACCEPTANCE. And with it came the realization that the more I struggled (I still do) and jerked away from people and circumstances that I cannot change, the more I am hurting myself. I started to change my viewpoint and approach on things. As a result, 2017 came with a quiet sense of calmness and I am thankful for that.

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The Continual Countless Ramblings


It has been a very busy weekend. WOW. Anyone else out there who gets tired around November just by thinking of all the occasions and events he / she has to go to come December? *nods head* Yeah, I knew I wasn’t alone on that one. AND anyone else out there who is also very excited about the things the holidays bring? You know, the surprises and non-surprises (and you still get surprised when they happen, anyway). *nods head* Yeah, I knew we’d get along well.

I. Courage is not just a cowardly dog. Not anymore.

Last Thursday, I found myself falling in line at a convenience store. I was dead set on buying a box of condoms as a gift for our Secret Santa.The theme was “naughty” and I have been running dry on any creative inspiration lately, so a box of condoms it is. (I promised myself I’ll make up for it next time.) So there I was, standing, apprehensive and extremely self-conscious. And when it was my turn, I chickened out. I glanced at the cashier, glanced at the stack of condoms piled on the other side of the counter, back at the cashier, then to the guy behind me, and back at the cashier again. After that, I could only give a wave of my hand, flustered and all courage dashed away in an instant. I hastily told the cashier no, I won’t be buying anything anymore. Then I stumbled got out of that convenience store. No doubt the cashier and the guy behind me thought, “Man, that’s one weird cookie.” Except I’m not a cookie. I think I’m more of a yogurt. (The mixed berries kind.) But then one can’t very well say, “Dude, that’s one weird yogurt.”


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