Red lips and rosy cheeks

You guys are in for a treat because this is one personal post, something I haven’t done since 828 BC, when my pal HsΓΌan lorded over the Zhou Dynasty and we laughed and we talked and drank and fought the “western barbarians.” Fun times.

Okay, confession time. Don’t be shocked. It wasn’t 828 BC. I last blogged about a really personal stuff last 10th of November 2017. See that post over here if you’re curious enough. And now back to the present: I recently had a haircut, which I also mentioned in my previous post. Some of my friends asked if I had a haircut because was I heartbroken? Hahahahaha no. My heart is still very much mine, thank you very much. (But Ahn Hyo Seop, Hyun Bin, and So Ji Sub are welcome to challenge that fact.)

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Thursday is my favorite day of the workweek

Turns out I’m still blogging… Who knew, right? What with my last post, which had been spotted at 1898. I would just like to take this moment (and steal a bit of your time — heh!) to let you know that:

“Memories of the Alhambra” has my heart and soul and tears and HERE TAKE THEM.

** WARNING: Next paragraph contains a major spoiler.
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Something in The Night

To those who came here from my Instagram looking for my aforementioned The Ex Files, I am sorry. What you’re going to get for now is this random story involving a balmy weeknight, my foggy mind, and one guy who actually had the guts to approach me. *pause* And said guy was, like, a decade younger than I am. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in… I know. I was floored, too. In my head, I was all, “Dude, do you know that by the time you learned to walk and talk, I was already out there enjoying the joys of rollerblades and discovering my obsession utter love for boybands?”

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