Life Update, Volume I Don’t Even Know Anymore

February 14th was supposed to be a milestone. I started it months ago, with bright eyes and eager smile. But then things happened and I had to postpone it. The good news is that I’m still definitely giving it a go. I want to give it a go. And so go I shall. What? AmContinue reading “Life Update, Volume I Don’t Even Know Anymore”

Holiday Report: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (I Guess?)

Ahoy there! Here is your favorite absentee blogger, back just in time for the holiday. Oh, wow. That GOT7 concert I mentioned the last time I disappeared blogged? IT. WAS. AWESOME. No regrets spending money for that experience. It was OH SO WORTH IT. So here we are, about to send off 2019 and welcomeContinue reading “Holiday Report: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (I Guess?)”

Shiny things & paper rings

In today’s dispatch: Creepy neighbors, a hotel for the dead + true love that doesn’t give crap about time, and what it means to have a better headspace when it comes to writing. “Strangers from Hell” : First episode impressions Nothing like a typhoon at the beginning of the show to set a creepy andContinue reading “Shiny things & paper rings”