The Bookish Monster that I am, I…


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This is the post where I confess my preferences when it comes to displaying my books in the bookshelves (and sometimes, on the floor). All five of them true, none of them recommended. But you’re welcome to try.

And so, The Bookish Monster that I am, I…

Don’t fold corners of any book.

But I don’t use bookmarks, either. You know what I rely on to remember where I last left off with a book? My memory. Yeah, like that’s a pretty reliable source. What I do is look at the page number, echo it in my head several times, close the book, and then go do something. Maybe eat a meal, take a nap, do some squats, shower our dog with affection by throwing my arms around her neck and fuss over her until she squirms and finally break free. Then I come back to the book, open it, and wonder where I last left off. HAHA.

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Six Books I am Currently Reading and Oh Wow I Bet They are Ready to Murder Me


Amidst all the naps taken, meals eaten, and more taps taken I have managed to create a circus inside my head by juggling six books to read. I didn’t even realize it. That’s how serious my memory failure is. I pluck one book off the (sometimes virtual) bookshelf and think, “Oh great! This looks great! I’m going to read this.” And I read it with the enthusiasm of a child learning how to bike for the first time: Bound to crash straight into someone else’s front lawn. I pick one book, read a couple of chapters, lather, rinse, repeat. And before I knew it, I have six books that are in the “currently reading” limbo status.


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A List of Things: Books Whose Words I’m Looking Forward to Eating


Since the last time I have blogged, I managed to miss 3.5 work days, finished reading one book (I know; I have magically transformed into a turtle — Sometimes, I turn into a sloth; other times I don’t even what I am anymore), and somehow managed to add a number of books in my TBR pile. Books I’d finish reading probably ten, twenty, 57634785 years from now. WHO KNOWS? It’s a surprise.

I’ve downloaded samples of books and most of them I enjoyed. Yay!


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