Six Books I am Currently Reading and Oh Wow I Bet They are Ready to Murder Me


Amidst all the naps taken, meals eaten, and more taps taken I have managed to create a circus inside my head by juggling six books to read. I didn’t even realize it. That’s how serious my memory failure is. I pluck one book off the (sometimes virtual) bookshelf and think, “Oh great! This looks great! I’m going to read this.” And I read it with the enthusiasm of a child learning how to bike for the first time: Bound to crash straight into someone else’s front lawn. I pick one book, read a couple of chapters, lather, rinse, repeat. And before I knew it, I have six books that are in the “currently reading” limbo status.


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It’s Been Quite Some Time


The days are colder and nights are shorter. I don’t know about you but that’s a good thing for me. I have been reading samples of books lately, all thanks to Kindle. Now, I’m a paperback kind of girl. (Yes, that also means I’d choose that over hardcover.) Then again, there’s something good about having something to read in my mobile device while on commute or someplace else and I am not in the mood to scribble something down on my white pocket notebook. (And yes, I do prefer writing thoughts and ideas with pen and paper instead of a tablet or a laptop.) And with sampling those books… Well… Have you ever read — scanned, really — a snippet of a book? A paragraph or two in different pages. You do that and you feel… nothing. The words don’t jump out and grab you. They don’t resonate within you, either. It tastes bland and has no effect. By saying that, I have only chosen a few of those books to share with you because they have done to me exactly that: Jumped out at me with their (few) words and resonated something beautiful, if not haunting and compelling. I am eager to purchase the books as soon as my budget allows. (Writers are poor, haven’t you heard? Hungry are our pockets. Haha.)

Heads up, folks: The four books are horror. But they’re fun to read, honest! I mean, if you could get past reading Stephen King novels in the middle of the night, all alone, then you’ll definitely be able to read these. And have fun while doing so. 🙂

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Reading Room: “Before You Sleep” by Adam LG Nevill


Here’s to hoping that your Halloween was creepy and thrilling. That it was awesome, both with treats and tricks. Also, that you aren’t nursing a very bad hangover. *tee-hee!* Speaking of creepy… Folks! I just discovered an awesome horror writer, Adam Nevill. I’d have to admit, very few writers have gotten me this hooked. Hooked in the sense that I just had to eagerly, ecstatically consume his stories as fast as I can, eating and sleeping be damned. Yes, his horror stories are that great. “Before You Sleep” is a compilation of three short stories. Each one has different tones in story-telling: horrifying, disturbing, and odd. These are the three stories:

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