Things I found in the internet and what I make of them

New theme up and running! Isn’t it pretty? I do love clean, minimal designs. You know what else I love? Just how much new information I can glean just by using my fingertips. Hello, internet! In this day and age, what are we if we don’t use it. Amiright?

I’ve been doing some (social? personal?) experiments here and there. Not to say that I’ve been throwing myself at those with passion that would rival that of Shah Jahan when he had the Taj Mahal built, but things have definitely improved in the forefront. Am I better person for it? I can’t say. It’s too early to tell. I’m just happy with these baby steps I’m taking. Equally happy with the small wins.

But enough blathering. During those days I have not dipped my toes in social media, I happened to come across great reads:
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Mercurial March: Wherein I sit myself and have a serious talk (I try, anyway)


Talking about and planning on going to Thailand. Getting some writing gigs. Delving deeper in coding. Planning the launch of the newsletter, Sub Rosa. A local trip to somewhere cold and rustic.

I am a creature of habit, but there is a part of me that just wants to go pack my bags, hop on a bus or a plane, and go somewhere else. No plans, no itinerary. I’m quite surprised how there are times when I can easily chat up strangers. I love learning things when I converse with people. I love hearing about their lives and points of views. It widens my horizons in some ways. It makes me feel closer to humanity. (Isn’t that weird? That’s a weird thing to say, I know.)
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The Long, Loooong Weekend

I’ll go right ahead and tell this, you guys… I’ll be going silent in this blog some time until next week. I’m going to immerse myself as I fall down that not-so-mythical-now rabbit hole. I took a leave from work for the rest of the week. And what will I be doing? A true lady never reveals her secrets, even if secrets sometimes come in the form of vodka and butterscotch flavored beer and good company — OOPS. Why did I let my fingers slide down the keyboard and do the talking? Nothing is sacred anymore.

But I’ll be back next week, definitely. In the meantime, I am leaving you with great reads about dating girls who write. Some of them you’ve probably read once before. I highly encourage that you read them again. Drink in the words. Let the scenarios painted with such clarity play in your mind while you read them.
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