“What do you believe in?” He asked.


1. Just like Gabby in “The Choice” movie, I believe in the moon, too. I believe in the pull of its energy and beauty. Fun fact I learned back in college, when I was poring through a random book during my free time: The moon is a symbol of chastity. And that, guys, is today’s big word to reflect on: chastity.

2. I also believe in the power of coffee. And if that is not enough, then I also believe in the power of dumping seven sugar packets in that coffee.

3. The Starbucks venti size is not huge enough. They should create a new one that’s even bigger. Think “more venti than venti” or “super duper venti.”

4. This quote? Also worth believing. Believe me that it’s worth believing. Let’s all believe in this, okay?


5. While we’re on the subject of mushy stuff, I also now believe in every single word of this, especially the ones in bold:

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No Title Yet. How Original.


It is Monday afternoon. I sit in front of my work desk, put on my maroon hat/scarf thing, which is so weird because it’s really hot outside. But when I get inside our office, the air-con fan hits the top of my head like a heat-seeking missile. Hence, the hat/scarf thing. I have just come back from a four-day weekend and while the coffee is good today, I am still in a daze.

One event after another, I kid you not. I am almost afraid to find out what’s going to happen next. The good news (yay!) is that somewhere along the way, I have learned some life lessons. Most times I am the participant. Sometimes I observe. A few times I get sucked into other people’s dramas and that pretty much feels like someone showing up on your doorstep, inviting you to somewhere “wonderful.” And because you have nothing better to do, you eagerly go. Only to find yourself in the middle of a bonfire, wondering what the hell you’re doing as those around you sing along to “Kumbaya.” And you want to slip away and then run like mad, be as far away as possible, except… EXCEPT that they are keeping an eye on you. And they already know you in Facebook. They know what you post. Or at least, they think they know (but they really don’t so sshh…) and before you know it, BAM! Mountains out of molehills.

Now here are those aforementioned lessons. They are numbered but are not in any way in chronological order. (Did that make sense? *pause* Yeah, I thought so, too.)

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