I wear my heart on these sentences I string together


I have been doing more reading than writing for months and months now. And I have been doing more napping than reading for months now. And then I resurfaced on Facebook, kind of. Plus I have been more active in Instagram. Then I made my tweets private, only to set it back to public yesterday. You can go right ahead and create a graph or equation from that.

I am not gonna lie: Writing has been difficult for me ever since late 2015. It had gotten lost amidst troubled times, loss, and grief. Each time I picked up the pen, I felt like an unwanted guest who showed up uninvited on someone’s doorstep. And said someone used to be a really, really close friend of mine. I fumbled around for things to say. I suspect partly the reason is because I think too much of how the words will come out once they’ve finished their job of finding and colliding against each other, all just to produce sentences and paragraphs, scenes and moods. I worried they will never come out right.

This blog here is proof to that. I have decided to take a shot at blogging and writing again. But then I wonder and I worry if today’s blog post will be good enough. Or even just “enough”, really.

I hope that sharing these bits and pieces that found their way in my path will strike something in you, if not resonate with you.
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Something new: A cover reveal, “The Precious Ruby:


Confession time, folks: Aside from horror genre, I read romance novels from time to time. I didn’t want to throw that little detail around, dreading that moment when some of you might see that heart peeking out from under the sleeve of my slate gray sweater. You know, the one that screams “I love you 4ever” right there on the middle. I’d have to admit, my favorite romance novels are the ones written by Judith McNaught. Her heroines are always spunky. Fiery. Witty. I love it when female lead characters are strong and resilient. I also have a weakness for females who wrestle with their personal demons. And yes, even the “hot mess” types. I love it when they overcome their issues and past in ways that aren’t easy and yet — AND YET — they refuse to succumb to the pain and anger and hurt. I love their turning points, when they finally say they’ve had enough and heaven and hell be damned, they’ll do the right thing this time, even if the right thing isn’t always easy. And that’s what “The Precious Ruby” seems to promise me.

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For the Love of Words (and Certain People), I Blather (Again)


All I know at the end of the day
Is you want what you want and you say what you say
And you’ll follow your heart even though it’ll break

Of course you’ll always be special to me. You with the love for laughter and the ever-changing eye color. But I can never seem to to get my timing right and I am reduced to a stuttering cavewoman half the time you’re around. So tonight I’ll save you the misery. I’ll just go online shopping and eat my feelings. Haha! I just borrowed Chris Evans’ line from “Playing It Cool.” (Please say you’ve watched that movie.)

Do you know that I know?
And I don’t want to go there

My initial thought was that you have kind brown eyes. And you teach as a profession, so you must be smart. But now I can sense where this is going. I don’t think I like where it’s headed. A meet up for coffee is actually drinking coffee while having a good conversation. You do know that, right? Otherwise, I can always just cancel.

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