That One Time with Coffee & a Crazy Friend

one crazy friend and coffee

I have this friend who, upon hearing days and days ago about my pay raise, decided to make it one of his life’s missions to demand a coffee treat and promptly launch a countdown. For days, his text messages hounded my cell phone. My phone received relentless reminders like, “15 days! Hahaha!” and “14 days!” and so on.

This post is for everyone here who has at least that one crazy friend who pulls stunts like that one I just mentioned. You ever wonder why you even put up with them? Why you don’t just do both yourself and your friend a favor and admit them a to psychiatric facility? A nice psychiatric facility, of course. And preferably one with cute employees, so your visit would be hitting two birds with one stone: You get to visit your friend AND there’s always eye candy.

So my friend and I met yesterday. And because my phone is new, I decided to test its video for Snapchat. Only, our video never made it to Snapchat. It was both our first time to create one. I manned (manned!) the filming (filming! My words are killing me.) and because I rarely indulge in this sort of… sorcery? Hat trick? Sleight of hand? The point is that I am not used to taking a photo of myself, let alone a video. So it took me a couple of tries. The first few times, I realized I wasn’t even recording AT ALL. The other times, my friend refused to publish it and told me to delete them because he didn’t “look good.” (His words, not mine.) I ended up with two videos which weren’t in Snapchat because the internet connection was just terrible, awful. I managed to upload them in my Instagram account, though. Disclaimer: If you watch the videos, I am in no way responsible for your nightmares. Also? You’ll hear my voice. In which case, I AM VERY SORRY.

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Online Dating: Do You? I Did.

I did and it went so bad I vowed never to do it again.


No, it was not bad. It was beyond bad, it was beyond belief, it was mad. For the overview, I decided to get creative and make a haiku out of what had transpired:

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