Ahoy! Changes ahead!


Dear readers, I have moved! 😀 Please click this or the image right below. I’m pretty excited about the new blog. I hope to see you there!


In previous life, I used to create and maintain my own website. I have little idea what happened to that girl — Oh, wait. I did. That girl was me and I remember EXACTLY WHY I stopped: Two Bs. Namely Budget and Broken heart. I am happy to say that both had improved immensely, especially for the second B. (Gawd. That was the messiest, the worst break-up ever.) Now guess what? I finally got a new website! YEAH! YAY!


I’m still in the middle of creating it, throwing in bits and pieces here and there. It’s going to have more posts that aren’t so random. *pause* Okay, maybe 40% random because let’s face it: There will be times when randomness cures boredom. Pretty sure you would still want to see posts about strangers sending me Facebook requests or Dear Bones. (Sshh. Don’t worry. I rather like Dear Bones, too. Oh, the sarcasm that column gives! Sometimes scorching, sometimes a mild flame.) So yeah. I’ll keep those random posts for you. You’re welcome.

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Starting Fresh (Kind of…)


You might have noticed I tweaked the blog post image. I got rid of the marker type font and re-arranged the text in it. That’s just one of the few things I am working on for Foxes & Fangs. And it’s not just the aesthetics. I plan on doing some changes in terms of the content as well. Don’t get me wrong. The topics such as horror, books, writing, and life in general will stay. And the tone of my writing won’t change, either. I just realized that my blog seems to be everywhere and not the good kind of everywhere. It’s the messy, directionless kind. I just want to tighten my content and make everything — from the look and feel of the blog right down to the posts — more cohesive. I think this cleaning up has been long overdue.

And speaking of cleaning up, my blog isn’t the only one that needs it…

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