“It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away…”


When people find out that you are serious about writing, they sometimes think that we magically weave words out of thin air. But words are not easy half (most?) the time. We battle with self-doubt. We wrestle with our confidence. We think too much. We feel too much. All those thoughts and feelings and emotions swirling inside our hearts and minds make those words run away from us. Thankfully, we don’t all experience that at the same time. I’m really grateful for that fact because when my words run dry and I’m unable to write anything, when writing feels like pulling teeth with my bare hands, the words of others are either a comfort or a source of inspiration. Sometimes both. And that’s what this post is about: The beauty of words.

Talk may be cheap, but stringing words together to form a thought that resonates deeply in the human soul is never cheap. Never ever.

Talk, in everlasting words
And dedicate them all, to me
And I will give you all my life
I’m here if you should call to me
You think that I don’t even mean
a single word I say…

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ALT: All About Writing, Collected and Compiled with Love

After huffing and puffing from walking, the humid air pressing upon me like an unwanted guest who drops by your home unannounced. Even worse, said guest is staying overnight and no, you have no say on the matter. The hot, hot weather here right now is like that. So there I was, huffing and puffing. When I stepped inside Starbucks, it was all I could do to not throw myself at the counter and wheeze out, “White chocolate mocha. Venti.” Then I will promptly lose all consciousness.

The weather is making it hard to step outside and enjoy a brisk walk. It’s even worse staying INSIDE the house. So of course your friendly neighborhood mall is your best bet but. BUT. There’s a short story I’m trying to finish. There are e-books I want (and need because I feel obligated to at least go through a couple of chapters) to read. I’m at a time in my life where I think I need to go back to my love for writing. I mean, really focus on it and make the best of it whenever I can.

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: Read a lot and write a lot.

And so said Stephen King, my favorite writer of all time. At this day and age, it’s so easy to get distracted. Thanks, internet! I know, I know. I love, LOVE the internet but whenever I am on it, I lose track of time. I lose myself. I end up picking bits and pieces of others, trying them on just to see if it reflects well on me. At the end of the day, I am left with this gnawing, hungry feeling that I must be doing something else. And that “something else” is writing. I am trying to be more conscious, protective and aggressive of my writing time. Instead of lying down on my bed, playing “Diner Dash” for a couple of minutes, shouldn’t I be writing instead?

It’s going to be a long weekend for me. While I stay indoors and (hopefully) recharge my own self, here is a great list of the good things pertaining to writing:

  • This can be about blogging or writing.This post from Darren Rowse about the six steps you can take to make plenty of time writing is GREAT.
  • Writing day in and day out. The struggle for that sacred, precious writing time and energy in between working, eating, catching up on TV shows you’ve missed, and feeding the giraffe in your backyard while trying very, very hard to not simply collapse. We can all let out a collective sigh of relief. Write to Done has written a post about building a strong writing habit.
  • Productivity for us writers is not a myth. The Creative Penn tells us so in the post, “Productivity for writers and taking writing seriously.” Seven items were listed down (I liked item #2 a lot: “Diarizing and chunking your time.”) and there’s a podcast of it, too.
  • Aaaand more about the creative process!
  • This collection of quotes for writers is nearly three years old but still worth reading. Spoiler alert: Inspiration might strike while or after reading them.

Have a happy weekend, fellow bloggers/writers/internet geeks! 😀